Anna Lazzarato: “Luckly since my daughter is born I shoot mostly tvcs, which gives me a spare time to look after her”

17 fev, 2013

Hi guys, I´m from Warsaw in Poland, old town is my favourite. Love to have a walk at night with all those magical lights, it´s definitely worth seeing.

I´m currently in Thailand warming up before moving back to Europe, just on the thought of this cold weather I´m getting a chicken skin.

I´m modeling already a good 6 years and still will for a little while, still enjoying it, it´s always interesting. Especially now it became a family team with my little daughter starting her career as well, soon on “Baby mild” products, can´t wait!I really like to read and I´m super interested in psychology.

How did all begin and how´s modeling now

It all happened when I was 17, I used to hear since I was a little girl that I “should “become a model, but my mom  was too worried about the influence of models world in so young age,so she tried to delay as much she could.Then finally with my adulthood (18) I went for my first international trip, I got a positive feedback from the modeling agencies so all went smooth.I was really excited to photograph and couldnt imagine that I could look so good on the pictures, was really surprised! A day ago I shoot Tvc for Ferrero Rocher, it should be on air soon,its for Valentines day.

Luckly since my daughter is born I shoot mostly tvcs, which gives me a spare time to look after her,long hours tho, so fill my time with joy and laughter as she loves to smile.Before I had my baby I loved that modeling gave me opportunity to travel all over the world and meet new cultures,today I love it for giving me time to take care of my daughter.

We are so bonded that leaving her everyday for many hours will hurt me deeply,so Im so happy that I dont have too;), plus she so likable by production houses here that they always ask me to come with her,so double happy,not mentioning that we used to work sometimes too,in mothers- daughter role,so couldnt be better.

Working with photographers: posed naked already?  

Every photographer is an interesting or not, hahah individual. So when the energies between both clutches there come out amazing pictures,there is something more profund then just clicking. I´m always curious, and there is always something new to learn. I´m just natural,i found out that the best poses comes out as just” being there”, then you hear: “stop, dont move”´and great photos are just to be born.

I totally don´t like naked pictures,maximum underwear, but probably if it will be something artistic for Vogue or any other high end magazine,something beautiful covering but still seeing, something I will like “myself in” I will agree to photograph. Not that I like being naked, but once unfortunetly on the show,having too loose dress it slip down to my waist showing up all my chest, I went on red totally,hahaha trying to keep it cool I pulled it back and walked, I really wanted to run super fast and dissapear,honestly,so embarrasing!

The catwalks

Salvatore Ferragamo,Daks,Celine, Dior


Female models X Male models: who rule this market?

I think it´s all most the same,the market now is even open for male and female models,so it´s progressing.Only for cosmetics still women are dominating, there are more beauty products to use tho. So, I really think attention is equal for female and male models.I really like Tyra Banks, and my fav male model is Thiago Lazzarato :)

A fashionista?

I like to have a style according to how I feel,but of course everything is well thought in my head before wear;) I like to combine stylish with comfy, this suits me best,especially now while Im taking  care of my daughter too,I got to make sure to bring one change in her bag for me as well.Once she had pooed all my pants just before the casting,oh man what a day! My boyfriend went on motorbike to get me some clothes,fast before seeing the client,then what I saw?

My boyfriend full of shopping bags, with beautiful dresses,not just a one simple change,hehe all from my favourite Zara.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Well, probably too loud to give some explanations,I will give autographs with the smile.

Dating X Loving

Spontaneous, real love type,longterm realationships with this beautiful exchange



Atracting someone´s attention

You attract people by being you

Having fun, enjoying life

Love to play with my lill daughter,so pikaboo,hahah.Good movie with my husband all kind of quality time,no matter where.

Craziest thing ever in a summer time season 

I went on bungee jumping,last minute decision for sure..haha

Fav body part and why 

Mouth, they kiss,laugh, have conversations,express you in all ways you wish.

In her Ipod

Maybe it will sound so jouvenille, but One Direction, really like their songs,light and uplifting.   Fav food 

Indian and Italian

Guilty pleasure

Chocolate in all available forms haha

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

No idea

An unforgettable moment

Birth of my daughter


“To find a way, walk in opposite direction”,”Everything happens for a reason” When you´ll come to my world? Now

Upcoming Projects

Fashion Campaigns for Ferrero Rocher, Sony Ericsson, British Airlines, Van Heussen,  Shiseido and LG

Full name: Anna Lazzarato

Age: 23

Facebook page!/anna.lazzarato?fref=ts

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