Photographer Andy Houghton: “I am influenced by films mostly. A lot of my images have a cinematic feel to them”

18 dez, 2010




Hi Ed, it’s great to have the opportunity to answer any questions you have and share them with the World of Models community! I am a UK based photographer and I live in my hometown (Hull). I never intended to have a career as a photographer, but it has always been in my life.

 My father was a photographer when I was a kid growing up in the 80′s. I remember watching him develop his prints in his darkroom and being fascinated watching the images appear in the chemical trays. He taught me how to use a camera from being quite young.


When I left school 

 I studied art and fashion design at college. I worked in various fashion stores after college but felt that my creativity was not being used. I have always had an interest in fashion so fusing that passion with photography just seemed a natural process.


I would say that my fashion images are not what you would normally associate with fashion photography. There is no fun in my images, no one is smiling or having a good time. They tend to lean towards the darker side of humanity. I’m not interested in making the models look perfect or pretty, in fact I think an image is more interesting if there is a slight ugliness to it. My images are emotionally isolating I think.


I am influenced by films mostly. A lot of my images have a cinematic feel to them. I am also influenced by art and random images I come across on the internet. The internet is a great tool for finding inspiration.

The digital era: more accessible and a lot less expensive

I think the digital era has made photography a lot more accesible and a lot less expensive. I’m not interested in how many mega pixels a camera has or if it has a flip out screen. I just use cameras as tools for creating images, no matter how big or small. There are some amazing Apps for iPhone which produce some brilliant results.  


Crisis on fashion photography?

I have recently felt the effects of the recession and know how difficult it can be. I think there will always be a market for fashion photography no matter what happens! I recently read a quote saying  “When the system is collapsing and certainties become uncertain, the arts become more important. What the arts do is challenge and ask questions – but they also provide comfort”. I prefer to be optimistic!


Working with models and the perfect moment for the shooting

It’s nice to see models become successful in their field. I’m not sure if I’ve helped any of them in their careers though, I think if they are a great model they would do well anyway. I have worked with a few famous people but to me they are just subjects to photograph, their fame doesn’t really come into it.

I am a great believer in spontaneity. I don’t like to plan photos too much, I think the essence of the image becomes somewhat rigid and forced. The perfect picture for me is the one that creates itself.




The unusual moments: he almost got arrested!

I was shooting on location at a run down gas works last summer. I wasn’t aware that it was being watched from afar by security so was a little surprised when the police turned up to see what we were doing.  Fortunatley they didn’t arrest us for trespassing and let us continue shooting. Very entertaining but a little embarassing!


Top cool places for a shooting

Location shoots are far more interesting to me than being in a studio. I love shooting in London and I’ve done a few shoots in New York which was just amazing. I like big empty spaces like warehouses with lots of cold concrete. Anywhere industrial or urban appeals to me. I’m not too fussy about the location, if you have the right tools you can get a nice shot just about anywhere.


In most respects, images are what draw anybody to anything. Visual appeal should not be underestimated! Although it is a clicheM I do believe that a picture is worth a thousand words.
The current projects

At the moment I am working on my website which will launch early next year and to get that where I want it to be. I’m photographing models for an exclusive shoot to be shown on the website.  I am also working with moving images as an extension of my photography work.


There is nothing new under the sun.
When you´ll come to my world?

I would love to come to Brazil to experience your contry (and take lots of photographs!)

 Contact info – Photographer Andy Houghron

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