André Zuan Chenso: “I like my entire body. I think it looks good and it is strong enough to allow me to train martial arts “

04 abr, 2014


Hello everyone, my name is Andre Zuan, from the south of Brazil.


I started modeling when I was 17 years, when i was chosen to do a fashion show in my city. After 2 years, I got signed to a scouting agency and started to travel.





During my first trip to Mexico, I realized how much experience I could get living in such different cities, and decided to take it more seriously. I travelled  to Asia and spent many years there, untill last year, when i decided to try Europe, living in Milan, and Istanbul.

Posing to photographers

I like when the photographer knows exactly what he/she wants and helps me to get the emotions for the photo.

The catwalks´experiences

I haven´t done many shows yet. I just did some years ago in Brazil and it was really cool. When i walk down the runway, I have 2 feelings, first is the adrenaline to know everybody is looking at you, and second is to to walk strong, and do it right.




Male models x female models. Any inspiration for your modeling career?

I believe male models will never have the same exposure as female ones, but we are doing great!

Concerning the role models, I don´t have any model who inspired me, My inspiration has been my family, and my wish to always do my best.

My main focus on my modeling career is to learn more and more to get experience  and grow up as a human being and also to make money.

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Air Walk final 4

Andre´s style

A fashionista?


Nope, not at all! I´m into the basics: t shirts, jeans and shorts. I like to look good, i enjoy the nice outfits when i shoot, but I do not follow the fashion trends.


Love it. I´ve been practicing martial arts all my life. I did Karate when I was a kid, kung fu for 2 years, kick boxing for 10 years, and I just started to train jiu jitsu. I like to challenge myself,  focus on my concentration and all the philosophy that martial arts brings and I wish to have my own martial arts center soon. I also play soccer too,

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Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If the crowd get wild about me, I would have a lot of fun ahaha.

 Having fun, enjoying life

My way to atract someone´s  attention is looking  deep in the eyes. My way to have fun, is practicing  martial arts, drink beers with my friends, stay with my family, travel… Nothing so big or special, I just try to be the most simple I can, and learn to be happy with the true things we have in life.

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Craziest thing u´ve ever done in a summer time season

I did so many crazy things in my life, but I can´t say here J . But they are usually related to alcohol, sex and jokes.

Fav body part and why

I like my entire body. I think it looks good and  it is strong enough to allow me to train martial arts and the favorite party I would say, is the brain, where everything is made, processed.


Fav underwear for daily and  cool sexy moments

My underwears are all different. I just use the old ones to train, and the new ones to work and go out.

The dumbest thing u´ve heard a model say

Models are usually young, many of them came from a poor education background, so we have heard a lot of dumb things. Probably some of this stupid things came form myself ahah, but I don´t remember anything now.

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If you could have a super power what would it be and who´s your fav superhero?

If I could choose one super power, it would be the power to use 100% of my brain, and change the World for a better place.

My favorite superhero is my father. The second is my mother, and the third one Ayrton Senna. From fiction maybe Superman.

In your IPOD

My favorite singer is Bob Marley and i have all types of music on my IPOD. From house music, to dubstep, reggae, blues, jazz, Rap and samba, I like them all.

Fav food


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Guilty Pleasure

My guilty pleasure is the alcohol . I know it is not good for the liver, but when I drink I have so much fun that I can´t stop it.

If you weren´t a model, u´d be…

I would be working with Politcs, or Martial Arts, or maybe both.


Next Chapters

After 9 years travelling around the World, 2014 is the year I will try to stay in Brazil, working as model still, but already developing other life projects, like for example,    university, business and training.






Mother agency: Fly Models

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