Andre Brunelli: “The best thing about modeling for me so far is how motivated it keeps me in the gym”

19 set, 2015


Hello everyone! My name is Andre Luis Brunelli,  born in Itabuna, Bahia, Brasil. Some of my personal interests are fitness, soccer, basketball, cooking, modeling and acting.




Modeling has been in my blood since birth. My mom used to model so it was always something i had some interest in. Ive been blessed with blue eyes and dark features so my mom always told me i should use that for modeling but no way did I think id be a model a few years ago.

  I thought i would still be playing soccer professionally. I started playing soccer when i was just 4 in Brasil. It was always my biggest passion. My teen years I played varsity in high school at Mandarin High School in Jacksonville Florida. Earned a ful athletic scholarship to North Georgia University.

After just my first semester i got a call from my dad to play professional in Brasil. I was faced with what at the time was a tough decision either go to Brasil to play professional or stay in college. I decided to go to Brasil where i played in São Paulo for Internacional.

 I was doing very well on the field but living in a rural area of São Paulo was very different for me and I couldn’t adjust to the lifestyle. I came back to Florida where i played semi professional for the Jacksonville Destroyers and worked at a call center for master card while I figured out what I wanted to do.




On a trip to Miami I met Christian who became my agent from Front Management and since then I’m now also signed to Soul Artist Management and  Ragazza Model Agency in Brasil.

The best thing about modeling for me so far is how motivated it keeps me in the gym.

Posing to photographers: giving good directions


I personally enjoy working with photographers that give good directions during shoots because they’re the ones looking down the camera, they see exactly what the camera sees.

Being naked in front of the camera is something I knew was going to be a part of being a model so I was always prepared for that.

 The runway shows and the male modeling industry



Runway is so much fun. Its really the closest thing to playing soccer professionally to me. You really get so much energy from both the crowds. I’ve walked at fashion shows before wearing Givenchy, Penguin, Prada, Alexander Mcqueen, amongst others.

A lot of times when walking the runway I’m thinking about how the pictures are going to look like from all the flashes lol.

Male modeling I think has made some great strides but I personally feel like its always going to be dominated by the ladies.

Ive been pretty inspired by Channing Tatum and seeing how he went from modeling to acting which is what I would like to do as well.






Andre, a fashionista?


Id like to think of my self as a fashionista. My style is just that My Style. I don’t lock my style down to one thing.

 Since becoming a model i have definitely polished my closet a bit. Its still a work in progress though.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

That is not something hard for me to imagine because ultimately i can see it actually happening. I would embrace it. To have people recognize and appreciate your work is a blessing.


On showbiz


I love it!. Show Business is what i work so hard for what all the grinding i do is for. Making it in the showbiz is my ultimate goal.

 Superheroes and Super powers

My favorite superhero is Superman.

Super power? Teleportation

Fav body part and underwear


I love my calving for all situations.



 THE WEEKND by far my favorite singer.

My playlist consist of – Future, Drake, The Weekend, Jorge E Mateus, and Henrique e Juliano




If u weren´t a model, ud be… 

A soccer player.




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Andre Luis Brunelli 23 6’1 185 10 ½, Blue Eyes, Dark Brown Hair


Soul Artist Management 

  Front Management NY 

   Ragazzo Model Agency 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor



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