Andre Birleanu: “Fashion gives life to clothes, to ideas, is the only freedom left on this planet, freedom of dreaming, expression, of hypnotizing your costumer”

21 out, 2012

I am known as “the SOVIET” in 32 countries for my campaigns,magazines, and my show on MTV & Vh1 worldwide.

But my humble name is Andre Birleanu, born in Moscow and raised all over the world


My father is a russian diplomat and my mother who passed away, worked for United Nations in New York. My interest is one only : IMMORTALITY !!

I believe one truly achieves immortality when his story lives on, through achievements, actions that took place in his life by his decisions and judgement.

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Few have truly achieved immortality indeed, most talked about it for a few months then forgotten and covered by dust! I’m fighting that with all that’s in my living power so when death comes will pleasantly embrace me and not cover me in dust and lost shadows

Modeling: how did all begin?

It was during my early years at John Jay Criminal Justice Academy in New York, I was a forensic psychology major and minor in international criminal justice.  I Was discovered by director of Elite NY at first, Karen Lee, but didn’t took her seriously. Few weeks later, John Babin, the director of Boss Models, was taking some polaroids of me while I was fixing my motorcycle outside the Academy Campus, oiled up, dirty and cursing all hell, I was called in, and all since then has been a incredible dream to many, but to me was …. LIFE!

The greatest thing about fashion is its ability to communicate trough beauty and perspective. Fashion to me is a language you cannot learn, you either understand it or not! Fashion gives life to clothes, to ideas, is the only freedom left on this planet, freedom of dreaming, expression, of hypnotizing your costumer. The fastest way to stardom, the only business with such global power in short time span, you are all slaves to us, to the ones that make fashion and are fashion and you know it!

My first test was taken with super agent David Bosman the owner of Boss Models, the creator of the male supermodel industry, a father and mentor to me for many years, a man who changed the market and created supermodels where male supermodels didn’t exist before. We’re props to a dominant female industry.

The modeling industry for colored models

I know I am not of black origin but I can unswear to this as well considering that I was raised in Harlem, Manhattan, most notorious gang infested land in USA I was at times more black then all blacks I know, don’t let my white skin fool you, all the black stereotypes apply to me more then others.

The market  in the Soviet Union block itcompletely. The same goes for ANY country on the planet, there is no market that accepts colored models same goes for Asians or Indians or Hindu. It’s a lie if anyone is telling you otherwise,. colored models are used randomly out of COINCIDENCE or to shut up the crying human rights activists

Posing to photographers: the cam is a witness

Most thing I like at a photographer is his truth, his truth about me. I believe the camera is a witness, someone you don’t see, that surprises you, that catches you of guard, that is invisible. Looking at the camera like an idiot is just insulting to models like me.. you can be the hottest thing if you just sit there looking stupid then you’re out of this business in days. If you can’t deliver, if you can’t make me believe the shot, if you can’t give life to a piece of paper then you’re a waste of time and film, get off my set!

I ALWAYS prepare myself before ANY casting and ANY job.. no, I can’t tell you, you’re serious? This is the difference between models and supermodels. If I tell you I’d have to kill you and I ran out of indian spices, this my friend, is a secret of my trade

I was shooting with Beatrice Newman in Hollywood and was with supermodel friend Tony Ward; Tony was sleeping on the couch, I was shooting first and she goes “ok Andre, just be yourself” ?! It was the most confusing, hardest thing I had to do in my entire career. I realized for the first time, I had no idea what that meant, I have been so many shades and shapes that I didn’t know what “myself” meant. The fashion story was “the LA Boys”, was a success , but, until today I don’t know what that meant

Posing naked doesn’t bother me, but might bother the viewer, I have a microscopic penis, looks like a walnut and yea, it’s just really really small Also circumcised so that makes it especially small. I have shot nude yes, with super photographer Mathias Vriens for 1st cover of his magazine BL33N

Female models x Male models

There never will be enough time, money and fashion for women. Men are minimal even at their best, most top men fashion magazines for decades described the MAN, as a logical and practical breed, I can’t say what women magazines speak about women because I don’t read them, but statistics and numbers never lie,
or do they!?

The catwalks experiences

I have walked mostly the NYFW catwalks, were my attitude and walk would steal the job from the taller fellow competitors. Walked for Diesel, Keneth Cole, DKNY, Rocawear, Sean John, Pepe Jeans, Speedo, Parsons in front of Bill Clinton & Oscar DeLarenta, opened for Boy George and his clothing line. I’m 1,79 that’s 5’10 in USA, this I did just because they told me I couldn’t, I showed them otherwise!!

There isn’t much to say about backstage, it’s very crazy and busy, but there was this one time when I walked outside of the bathroom with my hand on my lower zipper and here it was Hillary Clinton and the Secret Service detail passing trough the hall .. she looks unfazed at me , then at my hands on my zipper, then at me again and says “well, Hello !” and 30 people suddenly kept walking. It was the time when Bill was at Parsons giving a speech in honor of DeLarenta who is a family friend for yers

A fashionista?

I don’t know what fashionista means?! Am I a fashion whore? No, I AM FASHION and I am a total flirt and famous heart breaker, a sort of a man whore I guess, but fashion and whore are not in the same sentence. I’d wear nothing if I could, small penis and all with clothes or no clothes its irrelevant to me, but when I do dress I dress well and mix designers and colors and patterns

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I can’t imagine that because this is my reality. I love my fans, they are fanatics, full of life, very driven, I tell them to become their dreams and one day I’ll be the one that will be the fan, I rarely give autographs, I prefer to give wisdom and advice, autographs are for idiots, my wisdom changes lives, autographs don’t

Show business, fame, success and top 5 most important things for his life

I love show business. I can be many different people, full of emotion and intensity,live fire flows through my veins, it’s rare and it’s beautiful. Show business allows me to unleash my talents not to constraint them. Success and fame come as a consequence to a job very well done, a result, a repercussion, not the action or the mission in itself. Tthis is why I have so many clients who re-shoot with me, fashion editors of worldwide magazines, owners of top
brands, photographers, art directors & stylists.

My top 5 things important in my life are : GOD !
when friends abandoned me because I devoted my life to fashion, when my family questioned my judgement and decisions, when agents laughed at me and didn’t believed, when women used my status and connections to get ahead, when I was abandoned, broke and all i had in my stomach was a dream of glory,

GOD was the only one that believed, saved me and brought me up, things would just happened, I can´t explain, meetings, castings, jobs, opportunities, I didn’t give up on me and HE didn’t give up on me, but I was a realist not a idiot without a shot. When my shot came, I killed !! I took over by breaking down walls of preconceived notions and this is how I have become the famous “1% in fashion” that no rules apply to, like Tony Ward, Kate Moss, Daniel Pimentel, Mark Wallberg.

The second important thing is someone. My little blonde blue eyed daughter Eva Sofia Birleanu whom one day I’ll lay all that I’m building now, at her feet.
She is my sacred ground, by far the only truly impressive thing I have built in my life. She’s a present from GOD to me. There is no 5 ! just two impressive creatures


I always have been active, biking, swimming, whu-shu, aikido (black belt), soccer (captain), ping-pong, badminton, 100 m sprint, 100 m hurdles, and sex, yes sex is a sport. I win gold every time!


Atracting someone´s attention

My way to attract someone is not giving a shit about them, even being rude, to test them, to see how they react, if someone can put up with me for being an asshole for 30 min. then it should be a breeze when I am sweet. Most people are fake for few months then you see their true colors, they take their social mask off and you see the ugliness inside them. I’m the opposite. reverse psychology

Fav body part and why

My favorite part of the body is also the most and only part of anybodies´ body that can destroy empires, men and kingdoms . You guess !!

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments (lol)

I can’t have because I don’t own many. I don’t wear underwear. Yea, commando !

In his Ipod

I love classic music, anything classic. My iPhone is loaded with crap tho’

Fav food

Red bull and toothpaste

If u weren´t s model u´d be…

If I wasn’t a supermodel, I’d be a super – something else for sure. I never do things half way so whatever I’d do, I’d be the best at it!

Guilty pleasure

Female supermodels that love other female supermodels that love me, will have to be by far my guiltiest pleasure!

The Projects

My actual and upcoming projects are classified for now. I’ve signed a confidentiality contract but are international, in different spectrums of fashion,  other then modeling, as well as other industries altogether!

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