Andreas Holm: “Show Business looks cool from the outside but sounds a bit shady behind the curtains”

27 fev, 2016


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I have an older brother and a twin (not identical at all). I grew up in Denmark apart from two years in Belgium when I was a kid. I played a variety of sports but spent 8 years playing basketball.

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I’m from a town called Rungsted Kyst, which is about 25km (15.5 miles) north of Copenhagen up the coastline. I love working out and find an inner peace in staying and eating healthy. Other interest is cooking and doing illustrations. 

Modeling: how did all begin

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I had moved to LA after studying acting in New York for a year. It was at a party at a friends house I met a girl who worked as a MUA. She suggested I’d get some test shoots cuz she found me interesting. Within a day or two she had set up 3 test shoots for me and did make-up on all three, I was amazed about how much she did for me. After the three shoots I created a profile on and was scouted by Envy Model Management in LA only 2 months later.  

The best thing so far is some of the people I have met. Many of them have done so much for me and even though I’m far away I stay in contact with them.


Posing to photographers: connections making a good story

 When I feel the photographer and I connect and are able to create images that tell a little story besides just an “expression”. And really passionate photographers are the best to work with. I have never done nude shoots, however underwear shoots is not an issue for me.

The best thing to do backstage is put on some party music and have everyone dance for a while to loosen up J So much fun to see people let go and just jump around haha. 

The runway experiences


I have only done a few runway shows. My first one in LA I got to walk twice as the only one and closing the show, that was pretty cool. I once passed out during a runway show because of a mask that was way to tight around my head that I had trouble breathing, but I could laugh about it afterwards.

 I have walked from Brandon Scott, Han Kjøbenhavn, Ambiente, Sian Marlowe and Qchardo Homme.

 The dumbest I heard a model say was: “I love doing modeling because I don’t have to use my brain”… What the what?!

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Male models x Female models: who rule this industry?

 Women still rule the business for sure.

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Oliver Bjerrehuss is a danish model who has done really well, I’d love to have a career like the one he has had so far. Female, so many great models. I really admire Chantelle Brown-Young. Embracing her skin disease and showing of beauty. She got some stones!

The acting career


 After having worked a few years in Denmark I decided to take it to the next level and attend school in New York and move to Los Angeles afterwards to test myself. I did and it was an amazing two years.

 You get to so many different things and work with creative people. I have played scorpion from mortal combat, an optician from the 50 and a left hand man in a gang. I never know what will be next and that is exciting. 

My first casting was very original. I met with the producer a few days before the shoot at a café for a chat where we had a cup of coffee and he told me about the project. I was just getting home from a small trip so I was carrying a travel bag and came straight of the train for 5 hours.

 My very first acting experience was a music video for a Danish rock band called Dúné. Had a blast on set and it was after that shoot I decided to start pursuing it and start submitting for more work in Denmark.

 So, I’d love to become a TV actor playing in the new series that are being produced. I’m a big fan of series.


 Modeling x Acting.

 There are similarities for sure. A lot of castings and preparation before work and a lot of rejections haha. I’d want to pursue acting most. I want to have the chops it takes in acting. Modeling hasn’t been that good to me for many years, actings has had way better results.                      

 Andreas, a fashionista? 

Not a fashionista J I wear comfortable clothes and love to mix it up. Gotta make due with what I got so often it’s H&M and Zara.

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 Imagine u a famous model/actor surrounded by a huge crowd!

 I would smile and find it extremely surreal. But I’d take it all in and really make time to take pictures with everyone and try and be as friendly as possible. I love making people smile and laugh.

 On show business

 Looks cool from the outside but sounds a bit shady behind the curtains.


 Sporty mixed with casual.

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 Atracting someone´s attention


Having fun, enjoying life

 Night out at a café with good snacks, coffee and board games.I love walking around parks and in the city when it’s covered in snow while listening to great tunes.

Craziest (nastiest?) thing ever done in a summer time season

Probably midnight naked swimming with my friends.

 Fav body part and why

Arms, they are well proportionate and I like the size.



Fav underwear daily activities and for those coooool sexy moments (lol!)

Emporio Armani are super comfortable.

Super powers and super heroes

 Controlling metal like Magneto from X-men.

Thor. He’s a God, literally :)

Fav booking so far and why

 Music video with P!NK for her single Blow Me (one last kiss). Got a great part in the video, saving her in the end and got to meet Pink in person and she is so sweet and really cool.


Music and Food

 Right now Nico & Vinz are blowing up my headphones. I’m actually going to a concert with them here in Copenhagen at then end of February.

Fav food: Sushi.

Guilty pleasure

A Danish pastry treat called Romkugler J And anything with peanut butter!


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Nickname in school

Red (Røde in Danish)

 If you weren´t a model/actor you´d be… a superhero!

 An unforgettable moment

 First arriving to LA standing in the airport not knowing anyone starting a brand new adventure.


Yourself in 10 years

Working at a advertisement agency in Denmark, The US or Asia perhaps.


Next chapters

 I have 2 options for jobs in Sweden right now. Don’t know the client so I’m just waiting to hear from my agency there.

 Concerning my acting career I don’t have a project right now, so I’m searing for the next thing. Hopefully a commercial is right around the corner.

Motto: Embrace people’s strengths, not their weaknesses.

And when you´ll come to my world? I’d love to visit Brazil! Don’t know if my sensitive ginger skin can handle the sun though. 


Full name: Andreas Holm-Hansen

Age: 27

Height: 185cm (6’1”)

Weight: 85kg (187lbs)

Shoe: 45-46 (11.5-12)

Mother agency: Envy Model Management, LA.

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor