Andrea Fazzini: “I enjoy working with a photographer that have fun and isn’t too serious all the time. Listening to music gets me in the mood to shoot!”

19 jun, 2013

Hello! My name is Andrea Fazzini. I was born in beautiful Costa Rica and raised mostly in the sunshine state of Florida.

I love to be in a swimsuit, barefoot in the sun and water and I love being physically active, and riding horses. I grew up dancing classical ballet, but I can still get down and boogie, too!

The first job as a model: Nike Runway Show

I was scouted while living and working a PR job in Honolulu Hawaii.  I signed contracts the same day I booked my first job for Nike Runway Show.  I was really  nervous  but the photographer guided me along and the movement became natural.  So far, the best thing about modeling is the traveling and the people.    

Posing to photographers: listenning some music to get in the mood

I enjoy working with  a photographer that  have fun and isn’t too serious all the time.  Listening to music gets me in the mood to shoot!

I don’t do any nude shoots, but I am very comfortable with my body

The catwalks: funny backstages

One time I walked for a shoe company for a TV show in the U.S. called the Apprentice. While on the stage they mixed up all the info and called us all by the wrong name! We just went with it and laughed and had a good time anyway!      

Male models x Female models

I think there are some great male models, but I feel that female models still get more notoriety unfortunately. Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated have given women models a huge outlet for exposure. It doesn’t seem that there is a platform quite like that for male models yet, but they definitely deserve the same in my eyes !

My favorite female models is Adriana Lima. She is string, fit, beautiful and has great energy all the time. Love her!

Imagine u a famous models surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would be flattered. Say hello and thank you to everyone and quickly slid out of there.

Andrea´s style

A fashionista?

 When not working as a model I like a very relaxed casual look.  No make-up, jeans and a bohemian blouse is my outfit of choice. If in Costa Rica or Florida.a swimsuit, cut off shorts and sandals or barefoot.  

Dating X Loving  

I love a guy that is confident, not cocky, fit, smart and funny. Confidence + funny = sexy to me.    


Tennis, horseback riding, dance, soccer, running, hiking, swimming. I love all sports!    

Atracting someone´s attention

Making them laugh! And connecting with your eyes.    

Having fun, enjoying life

 My way to have fun is spending the day at the beach or riding horses.    

Craziest (nastiest?) thing  in a summer time season  

My lips are scaled! xo    

Fav. body part and why  

Is hair considered a favorite body part? I love my hair because it is full and wavy, and looks good without styling.  Super for getting ready quick!    

In her IPOD

Right now listening to Florence + the Machine. I also love Ray LaMontagne, Tom Petty and Johnny Cash. 

Fav. food  

I love a good steak, and my favorite dish is Chinese prepared Duck. When they make little Chinese burritos. It is divine!    

Guilty Pleasure   

Chocolate. I love it and can’t go to bed without it!    

If you weren’t a model you’d be…

A Reporter exposing poverty and hardship in Central America and helping children or a lawyer.    

An unforgettable moment

Booking my first hair campaign for Pantene.


Through the hardest trials come the greatest successes!  And stay positive and life is good! Pura Vida!

Full name: Andrea Fazzini    Agency: MGM Models

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