Andrea Denver: “ I honestly hate runways. My agents know that. I don’t even know why I don’t like runways but they get me nervous ahah”

04 nov, 2017


Hey guys, how is it going? Thank you so much for having me here :)




I am from Verona (city of Romeo and Juliet), a beautiful city in the north east of Italy. Before start modeling I graduated in communication from the university. I love traveling and since I was kid I have been traveling the world with my parents.



Modeling: how did all Begin

I actually never decided to become a model ahah. My interests were towards other stuffs but I got scouted a few times that I decided to give it a chance. My first shoot was cool. I didn’t have any problems to pose on camera even if it was my first time. Now I am looking to do other stuffs besides modeling but it’s still working in progress.






Posing to photographers

I am totally fine shooting with any photographer. Everybody has a different style of photography. My only preparation before is drinking a few coffees lol. I need energy when I shoot.

 I never shot naked before. I shot a lot of shirtless pictures and I have been felt comfortable with my body so far.








The runway shows

I honestly hate runways. My agents know that. I don’t even know why I don’t like runways but they get me nervous ahah. I worked with a bunch of fashion designers but my best memories are from the 2xist fashion show and from the Ralph Lauren show in milan. I loved walking for these designers.



Male models x Female models



I honestly don’t think male models have the same exposure as female models. They definitely still  rule the industry. I feel like male models need to create more their own character outside the industry and gain attention on events and social media to get more recognition in the modeling world. I never had some role models but I am a big fan of Candice Swanepoel as a female model and Jon Kortajarena as a male model.

Lui - Juin 2014

Andrea, a fashionista?

Ahahah I don’t even know if I can call myself a fashionista but I like clothes and I like dressing with style. Mostly casual but sometimes also formal putting a nice suit on.

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

It happened before and it was a great experience. There is nothing that I love more than my fans. I would spend hours with them, interacting with them and learning about them. When this happened to me in milan a couple of years ago I stayed there like an hr more taking pics and laughing with everybody. Such a beautiful memory.





On show business

I don’t wanna talk too much about it but for sure agencies are less powerful that what they used to be. Social media have become a way to expose yourself more to clients and to the crowd. This wasn’t possible until 4/5 years ago.

 Dating, Loving and living life to fullest!

 I am currently dating a girl in NYC that I am really attracted to.

I am a big fan of basketball and whenever I have the chance I go to watch the NBA here in NYC.


Superpowers and Super heroes

 If I could have a super power I would love to fly. That would be so cool. My favorite superhero is Clark Kent. He has the best superpowers.





The Upcoming Projects

I never really like to talk about upcoming projects. I like facts so I like when I am able to make things happen.

Andrea Denver



Suit: 40 R

Waist: 32

Shoesize: 11

Interview by Ed, the brazilian blogger


Agency: Soul Artists

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