Andrea Bocek: “I used to like this world but I’d never thought to be a model until the day I got approached by a scouter . His name: Saverio Cardia”

28 nov, 2011

Hello World of models family, how are you guys doing? I’m Andrea, model and I come from the north of Italy.

My hometown is really a small city, it’s about 1000-1500 habitants and even if it doesn’t sound good it is a nice village, over there you can find everything what you need, it is like 2 streets full of shops and services. I really like it.

My interests is all egards my job, photography, new styles from all different designers, travelling and making new friends all around the world, that’s one of my favorite point. I love to see all the different cultures and lots of time you meet great people.

My hobbies are soccer and sports in general, I’m really interested into italian’s soccer league especially into Juventus as it is my fav team.

Meeting Saverio Cardia a cool club in Milan

I used to like this world but I’d never thought to be a model, since when I was partying in a cool club in Milan and I got approached by a scouter who asked to me if I wanted to do a photoshoot with him and then he could introduce me to some agencies in Milan. I said “yes, why not?” so then I got his phone’s number and his name, Saverio Cardia.

The next day I added him on Facebook and I went on google to check out who was that photographer, and when I saw all his jobs I was insanely happy because he is a great photographer and because he wanted to shoot me, awesome!!

I did my first test shooting with a professional photographer but it was just for me, to have some nice personal pictures. It was funny, it was my first time in front of the camera, so I didn’t know how to move, to pose….anything. I had lots of fun even if the result was not that good, it was a cool experience.

I’m in Hong Kong right now, I came here 2 months ago and I still have one more month to spend over here. Till now is being an amazing experience, so much fun and a really amazing places! I sugget to everyone to come over and join this beautiful city!

Working with photographer: feeling comfortable in front of cam

When I work with a photographer I really like to do my best so we both can get the right pic, I like when him/her make me to feel good, to feel myself comfortable. I use to check the day before the shooting the client’s story and the night before have a good night sleep so I can give my best on the shooting. I don’t have any special preparation for the poses, I’m learning about it shooting by shooting and looking to the others photoshoot!

I don’t have any particular backstage’s moment, it’s always a lot of fun, sometimes it even let you meet sweet girls lol

The modeling world: women still rule

I think we male models don’t have the same exposure as the female, in the fashion world I think the girls get treat in a different way than us. Hopefully in the future we can get the same position as them.

The catwalks


I remember the best designer I worked with, Gianfranco Ferrè, it was great, cool and fun…I had such a great time!

A fashionista?

I don’t know if I can be a fashionista, I just like to wear what I think is cool and looks nice on me. Everything what let me feel comfortable it’s good. I wear always in the same way, I don’t look if I’m working or not. Skinny pants, t-shirt or shirt and boots or sneakers.

Imagine u a famous models surrounded by a huge crowd!

It would be nice because it would means that I’m doing very well in my job but in the same time I feel like a normal guy so I would find a good way to be nice and kind to everyone. Would be cool to know that people are following your career.

Fame, success and the most important things for his life

Our world is full of guys who are looking for the fame and the success. It’s a very competitive business. I think you can get the fame and the success if you work hard on your objectives and trying to do your best, then if it has to happen it will. For sure would be awesome.

The most important things in my life are my family, I love everyone of them, they support me, they always are available for me and they give love to me constantly. My sister really is a part of me, she is always in my mind, we talk everyday…love her and I really miss her! Another important thing are all my friends, Im always in touch with everyone, talking about how life is going or when we can meet each other to spend some more amazing time togheter.

Dating x Love

I would love to find a girl who I can give all my love, but sometimes it is hard into our job because we travel a lot.


I’ve been playing soccer for long time, right now I just go to the gym to keep my shape in a best way as possible.

Atracting someone´s attention

I don’t have a special way and even in case I wouldn’t tell you :D

Having fun and enjoying life

I just love chill with my friends everywhere, hang out, go to the park, get a drink, partying, watch a movie, they make great my time!

Last year I was supposed to go to the south of italy with some friends for holiday but the day before my leaving I got a mistake so I couldn’t go anymore, in 10 minutes I booked the flights to Paris and Berlin and I went over there to meet up my ex girlfriend (I was in a relationship) so I spent 10 wonderful days with her.

Fav body part and why

I wouldn’t know really. Maybe my eyes.

Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cooooool sexy moments lol!

I don’t care, I take the first which I touch and it´s ok.

In his IPOD

I like every kind of music, especially electronic, minimal, techno!

Fav food

I like almost everything. My fav is the food from my region. Take a look of “Tortellini” lol

An unforgettable moment

The most beautiful time ever in my life is when my little sister was born.

The Projects

I have to stay here in Hong Kong one more month after it I will go back to Milan for the fashion week and I would love to go

to Paris fw as well, will see what I can do! But then in February I wanna go back to NYC and spend some time over there. Can´t wait!

When you´ll come over to my world?

 I would love to come to Brazil and enjoy your beautiful place but I wouldn´t have enough time, it is a shame. Hope everyone will enjoy it in a better way as possible and I hope the 2012 will be a great year!

Christmas and a happy new year!

Christmas!! Such a good time to spend with all your family. I think its a great time when it is possible to meet all your closest persons! We used to make a crazy dinner on the 24th and a crazy lunch on the 25th. I love those two moments because there is always a lot and amazing food and especially because I can spend really good time with my parents because during the rest of the year Im always away from home. And yeah, for sure also because I get some really cool presents :D

And then after a week is coming New Year, amazing and super funny time with my friends! I usually go to some country’s capital to celebrate it and its been always really a lot of fun! Last year I went in a vacancy with my dad, to Tenerife Island, and I can say that was an amazing experience! Pretty sunny and really cool place. I still dont have plan for the upcoming one

Contact info

Andrea Bocek
24 ys
Mother agency: Why Not models (Milan)


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