Meet Anderson Santos, the model who came from Novo Hamburgo

22 set, 2013

Hello World of Models  family, my name is Anderson Santos, l`m 24 years old m from Novo Hamburgo, south of brazil, a small city but l have a lot of fun in my  hometown.

l enjoy watching movies, play soccer and for sure workout, l love it!

I became a model at 20th september 2006, 7 years, having a real good time uhuuu haha.

In the beggining I was really shy in front of a cam, l didnt know how to make a simple pose, but l wasn`t afraid. My first shooting was with my friend  Rafael. He is a nice guy and he tries to help me all the time, so We´ve been keeping in touch.

The best thing about modeling so far is the money involved :)

Posing to photographers

l don´ t have any kind of preparation. I try to get some inspiration getting previous information with the photographer about the shooting. And I just let it  flows!

I´m not worried about posing naked, l did a shooting totally nacked in Singapore and it was really cool. Luke, the photographer, was really professional and  the pics turned out great!

The runways and the funny backstages!

I´ve walked for Ellus,  John Richmond and CK.

Once in a show in Singapore there were so many chinese girls in the backstage and then I just take off my t shirt and the girls started to scream and asked  me to take some pictures with them. So crazy hehehe

Show business, Fame, Success…

Be a famous model: Hmmm, sometimes that happens in Asia. They always remember us but I really don´t think its really important for a modeling career. What I  really care is to do my best and work hard to achieve a great result.

Any role model as an inspiration for your career?

I remember when I met the model André Deipzol some years ago when I visited my mother agency for the first time. We talked alot aobut life, he showed me his  book, so many cool shows in Europe. It was a really inspiration for me, to become a sucessful and international model. Thanks André! And, concerning women, Gisele Bundchen all the way!

 Anderson´s style: a fashionista?

I became a little bit fashionista, but I´m into the basics and I got my own style

Having fun, enjoying life

l enjoy life working out and chilling out with my buddies.

Loving x Dating

I´m not dating now, but I´m loooking for a nice and beautiful girl hahah

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Power Rangers (the red one would be nice hahaha). l should have some hands power and f*up the buildings and stuffs

Atracting someone´s attention

l don´t need to get someone´s attention. I´m really ok about that.

And that´s all folks! Thanks so much for having me and  also my special thanks to Luiz Pretti, from Label Model Management  (my  mother agency) for all moments of my careeer. U rock!

In São Paulo I got signed to Joy Model Management

And stay tuned for my upcoming projects. Beijos a todos!

Anderson Santos

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