Andee Chua: “If there’s something i’m thinking of when I’m walking down the runway it has got to be Damn, I’m so hot, look at me you people”

03 nov, 2016


I’m Andee and I was born and raised in Singapore. My dad is singaporean too and my mum was malaysian. I speak english, mandarin and hokkien (dialect).



I like to work out at the gym, beach  and go to the beach when the weather is fine I love the to dance, act, sing and recently learning the ropes to hosting.




Modeling: how did all begin

I started modeling 3 years ago when my friend encouraged me to send my stuffs in to the agencies, and I thought why not?

My first test shooting and job were both nerve-wrecking. Being a newbie, I didn’t really know whats my best angles and how to perform well. Now looking back, its really funny, but I’m glad i´ve came so far.




Best thing about modeling so far is being able to travel the world and meeting really nice people along the way. Memories I hold dearly on!

Posing to photographers

I care most about the “chemistry” with a photographer I’m working with. If there is a connection, everything is possible. I don’t do any special previous preparation. Just go on set, think less, and have fun!

 I haven’t tried full nudity shoot before to be honest – maybe for huge campaigns I wouldn´t mind.




I remember there was once during a runway show, the backstage was pitch dark! We couldnt even see our own hands but have to change really fast. It was just about “feelings” at that time. We can’t see anything and theres so many hands touching you (helping you to change). Feels kinda erotic actually!

The runway shows



Emporio Armani, Spring Summer 2016 Menswear Milan 

I’ve walked for Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion Week. That would be my biggest breakthrough being my first season. I’m also the first Singaporean who walked for Armani in Milan Fashion week.


Honestly, if there’s something i’m thinking of when I’m walking down the runway it has got to be “Damn, I’m so hot, look at me you people”


Male models x Female models




I think male models are slowly gaining tractions but still, WE NEED MORE JOBS AND MORE EXPOSURE! :)

Andee´s style: a fashionista?

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fashionista. I like to keep it simple. Black, white, grey, blue, pastel. These are my colors.






Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

To be honest I really can’t imagine that happening. I think I´d  just stop and try to take a sefie with everyone before finding an exit.

On show business

I think it is an industry where you need to work really hard and have a super positive mindset. As long as you are focused about things, you will make it there! Never stop dreaming!




On dating  

I wouldnt mind if the right one comes along. Some people say they have no time, but i believe everyone have time. Its just a matter if they are willing to find it.

Sports:  I am open to any form of sports as long as it is competitive.

Superpowers and Super heroes

The ability to read people’s mind.

I love Storm from Xmen – I’m not sure why.

Atracting someone´s attention

To have lots of Confidence!




Having fun and enjoying life

Having a bunch of close friends and chilling out with them. Out  for some good food or exploring places together. The company matters the most!

Craziest thing ever done in a summer time season

Can’t recall the craziest thing, but it usually happens in the club! HAHA!

Fav body part and why

Eyes. They are the windows to the soul.





Nickname at school

People call me “The Tall Dude” or “The Charcoal” (cause i’m naturally darked-skin)

Music and Food

No favorites. basically listen to anything you can find on the radio.

I eat anything and everything. I do have a sweet-tooth, so cakes and desserts are very welcomed!



Fav booking so far and why

Needless to say, walking for Giorgio Armani in Milan fashion week.



And one more if I can add on, Helen Anthony in Milan fashion week because I opened the show.

An unforgettable moment:

 Enjoying a nice dinner with my bros in Milan’s models apartment. I really do miss all of them!

If u weren´t a model?

I’ll be doing Marketing

Yourself in 10 years


I would probably be more or less settled down having a career that gets me the money. Buy a house, a car but maybe still a tad bit involve in the entertainment/fashion industry.

Full Name: Andee Chua


nstagram: @andeecys
 Facebook page: @andeechuaofficial 


Shoe Size: US 12


Age: 26

Height: 188cm / 6″2

Weight: 81kg

Mother Agency: Jake Egginton Management (JEM Ltd)

Interview by Ed. The brazilian editor



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