“Modeling made me learn how to get the best of my qualities and skills and allowed me to meet new and professional people of the fashion world”

02 ago, 2011

Hi! My name is Ana Cláudia Fanchini

 I’m 27 years old,and I work as a model and actress. I’m from Itu, a small city of the state of São Paulo. In 2002 I came to live in São Paulo, the largest brazilian city to achieve my professional goals. Besides modeling and acting, I enjoy going out with my boyfriend, go to theaters, have dinner and discover new and unusual places in São Paulo.

How did all begin

I was studying acting and I was looking for a job. People usually asked me if I was a model so I decided to try and then I  looked after an agency. When I started to take catwalk´s classes I’ve found out that nothing like a healthy diet and a good night sleeping.

I remember my first job, I was so nervous I couldn´t stop shaking! But, then I just let it flows. Since I’m not so young actually, my focus is the commercial jobs, where I can use both my skills as an actress and a model. I’m now looking for a good acting class here in Brazil and also beauty campaigns. Modeling made me learn how to get the best of my qualities and skills and allowed me to meet new and professional people of the fashion world. It´s so fascinating cause each job allows me to perform a different character and this is something priceless for an actress!

Working with photographers

I like when the photographers make me feel comfortable to create through their lens. You can see the result when we are surrounded by a  teamwork.

I don´t have a previous preparation, just a good night sleeping and always healthy habits.

Nude sometime?

I haven´t experienced any situation where I had to pose nude. I think this will be an awkward situation to make me take off all my clothes to the lens of a photographer. There will have to be for a strong purpose.

Catwalks experiences and unusual backstages´ moments

I’ve been lucky so far. I’ve never fell down on a catwalk, my high heels never broke and my clothes never slipped from my body. But I had to wear a dress so heavy and tight that I barely walked and I almost couldn´t breath!. My feet are small and catwalks shoes used to be big sizes!

About funny/unusual moments, I remember once my character on the brazilian soap opera “Tititi” (“The Buzz”), and her colleagues were inducted to eat a lot before a beach fashion job, and all of us had to go to the catwalk with fat bellies and not feeling well lol!

Male models X Female models, a fair competition in the fashion business?

I’m against all kind of distinction, for gender or skin color. I think if a job has been well done, it has to be well paid as well. In early days, modeling was only for women, and cause that, men now have to fight for well paid jobs. Nowadays, there are a bunch of successful male models.  But I gotta tell you guys: female models suffer more than male models!

A fashionista?

yup, I am. I usually to customize my clothes before going to a party. I’ve used to watch all fashion weeks and I have  a lot of books about fashion. When I’m not working, I like to use soft clothes, like shorts and skirts with a basic t-shirt.

Imagine you a famous model surrounded a huge crowd!

Well, I’ve just finished to play a character in a very popular brazilian soap opera. Some people recognize me on the streets, but I’m still unconfortable with this, cause, altough the recognition for a well done job, I don’t like the idea of someone  knowing things about me and even seeing me as a role model. That scares me a little.

Shoe biz, fame, success…

For some people show business is an ilusion. I think everybody are equal and we can be succeeded in each profession we  choose. We just have to work on it. As I’ve said, male models are working more today, a lot of them are on the highlights as the best female models. I like the professionalism and charisma of Gisele Bündchen, I love the work of Coco Rocha and admires the beauty of Isabeli Fontana.

Dating X Love



I used to go to the gym every week.

Atracting someone´s attention

Being myself

Having fun

Going out with my boyfriend, dinner, movie…

Craziest (nastiest?) thing in a summer time season

What about it? I’m an lady! (lol)

Fav body part and why

My abs,  always beautiful, even when I can’t go to gym

In her IPOD

Hard to say. I listen to a lot of music.

Fav food: homemade food, and italian food.

Her guilty pleasure

I love ice-cream and french fries!

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

An actress! It’s what i’ll always be for the rest of my life!

An unforgettable moment

My first time… on TV!

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I’ve learned on the book “Comprometida”: All things will work, all things will work, all things will have to work…”

The Upcoming projects

Modeling, make a new role on TV,

I’d love to be on a movie too, study acting skills,  travel,  marry, have kids and be always happy!




Contact info: Twitter: @ana fanchini