Top Ana Bela Santos: “Modeling is a really fascinating world but the cool aspect is that you must know this is a professional job like any other”

23 out, 2011

Hello, I’m Ana Bela, 26 years, brazilian model

I have 2 brothers. I love music, movies, dancing, travelling, going out for dinner. I started working as a model to help my family at home.

I´ve been in the modeling world for 10 years and this industry regardless of color, it´s always difficult and competitive, so for those who want to become a model will be able to accept the challenges and try to always be the best!

Working with the photofraphers

They have to be your best partner, helping you to feel beautiful and sexy. I´ve already worked with photographers that didn´t have that feeling. It´s all about a teamwork and then the job just flows and you got a great result. And if you a have a loud music with a cool beat in the set, I really feel real good and relaxed. I just remember one of my last jobs the photographer liked opera, so you guys can imagine having to jump to the sound of classical music! lol


The modeling world for female and male models

I believe female models still rule this business. This industry is focused on women for obvious reasons. Male models got a real exposure when they are on top of their careers, but mostly doesn´t mean making more money than women. so in my opinion it is not a fair situation.

Tom Ford, catwalks and the unusual moments

I´ve already walked for Tom. He was so charming, polite and always concerned about making me sexy and beautiful. My best modeling moment ever! That time he was the stylist of Gucci and YSL


Unusual moments happen when models stumble and fall down on the catwalk. If you search for some old videos in the net, you´ll find some incredible moments showing models falling down and the girls trying to get up. Lol, it´s funny to see them!


Fame, Sucess and 5 most important things for her life

Modeling is a really fascinating world but the cool aspect is that you must know this is a professional job like any other. So you have your professional life but also your personal life (your family, friends, your private life as well!!). It´s so cool to be able to hang out with my friends and to be with my family without any paparazzi trying to take pics of you and post them in amateur sites!

Can I choose more than five? Lol, serious…

 GOD comes first cause He is always stand by me in every moment of my life, my family (mother, brother, sister, my two nephews David and Arthur), who make my day so fun and happy.

HEALTH: how nice to be able to walk, run, jump, hear, feel….

WORK: which gives dignity to be able to purchase and own things and do whatever you want whenever you want to help someone in need.

HONESTY: to be able to sleep every night knowing that you did the right thing with professionalism and respecting people. My mom and my uncle are my best examples. I´m really inspired on them.

HAPPINESS: being happy today means to me one of the most important feelings nowadays and also making people happy around me. I just love make them happy!


A fashionista?

Feeling comfortable is the best to way to express my thoughts about fashion trends. Nothing like the old jeans, my favorite   shirt that I use over and over again, sneakers and that old leather jacket. I do not like spending money on frivolous things, so I prefer to help my family, helping them out whenever possible

In her IPOD

Brazilian music Always! It´s a huge list (lol!) Vanessa da Mata, Marisa Monte, Maria Gadú, Seu Jorge, Jorge Ben, Exaltasamba, Carlinhos Brown, just to name a few, but also Florence and the Machine, David Guetta, Adele, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Ray Charles, Narvin Gaye The Gossip,,,

Fav food

The typical brazilian “rice and bean”, eggs, vegetables, meats, fish, manioc flour, salads, and passion fruit mousse, as a desert!

The projects

Osklen campaign photographed by Gui Paganini and a special edition on black models for Mag photographed by Bob Wolfenson.

Upcoming projects?

Stay tuned folks!

Ana Bela Santos

Contact info

Way Model Management

Marylin agency

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