Amani Gordon: “In my country there is opportunity for black models but we are still vastly under-represented”.

13 mai, 2017


My name is Amani, I’m from Philly (aka the best city in the world lol). Seriously though, everybody should visit Philly, we have a lot to offer from Cheesesteaks to our art culture. Plus the vibe there is just chill.


My personal interests are music and writing, as long as I have either I can be anywhere in the world.

Modeling: how did all Begin


Every since I was younger people would always tell me I should model because I was awkwardly tall and as a little girl I used to walk fake runways in my house, pretending I was a model. However, in high school while on the metro I got discovered.




My first test shoot ever was outside shoot during winter. It involved a lot of laughs because I did not know what I was doing, but the team was amazing and the outfits I had the chance to model were really nice.

So far the best thing about modeling is the people you meet, I always leave shoots inspired in some way or form.


Posing to photographers


 The vibe is what I like most when working with a photographer. I am always grateful to have the opportunity help create someone’s art and be their muse to represent them.

I have no special preparations before posing, but I go into every shoot relaxed…I work better when I’m relaxed.  Yes, I’m comfortable being naked in front of the camera.

The most fun behind the scenes camera story I have is the time I shot a commercial shoot and after we wrapped we turned up the music and just danced, that was a cool way to end a long day.




The runway shows

I haven’t walked many catwalks but when I do its always a pleasure. Backstage is always busy and crazy. The funniest backstage story I have is the time I was almost sent down the runway with no shoes because my dresser accidentally forgot my shoes at the rack and I had to make a quick change.

One fashion designer I have worked for is Krizia, and when I am walking down the runway I think of nothing. Being relaxed and not thinking helps me work best!

Models and the fashion market

I think male models are gaining more exposure in the industry; however, I on average  still see women more often in daily advertising.

The female models who inspired me are Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Donyale Luna as for male models Tyson Beckford because he really paved the way for male models.

In my country there is opportunity for black models but we are still vastly under-represented.




Amani´s style: a fashionista?

I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista because I don’t really follow any rules of fashion I just dress how I feel and it always turns out right in my opinion. When I’m not working I like to wear as little clothes as possible. Often when I stay in I wear bikinis around my house.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would just talk to my fans and get to know them, take pictures/autographs with the people who would like one and give everybody I could hugs.

On show business

No matter what the show must go on, and when you pursue a career in show business you must remember this at all times even when the show must go on at the expense of you overlooking your personal desires.


 Dating X Loving and Sports

When it comes to dating x loving, my style is to be with the person who makes me happy and who I can be myself around.

When it comes to sports, football is my favorite hands down.

Superpowers and Superheroes

Fly, I would travel to every place in the world and I would even go to space too.

Storm, but I am bias. She’s my favorite because I love her look from her clothes to her hair.

Attracting someone´s attention

I just always be myself, there’s nothing in particular I do to attract someone’s attention.

Having fun, enjoying life

As long as I am with the people I love I can have fun anywhere; whether it be the park around the corner from my house, the beach, the movies, anything. I can Just have fun anywhere.


The craziest (nastiest?) thing ever done in a summertime season

I went cliff diving in Mexico if that counts as crazy.

Fav body part and why

My lips are my favorite body part because since I’m a fan of lipstick, my lips win by default.

Music and Food

I am a fan of all music and all style from classical piano to RnB. I have no favorite singer, but Andra Day has been in my ears a lot this week so she’s my favorite right now.

Pizza, lobster, and chocolate ice cream! I can’t pick one, and my guilty pleasure are the Wasabi peas, I actually always keep them in my purse…weird, I know.


Earliest childhood memory

The time I tried to drive my grandparents car as a child and I almost crashed into my friend’s parent’s car. I was like 6 and the whole time I was attempting to drive my cousin had to be my eyes because I was too short to see over the wheel.

Nickname in school


Fav booking so far and why

I don’t have a favorite booking so far because every job has its own memorable moments I njoy.

If you weren´t a model, u´d be,,,

I would definitely be an international food critic and just travel around the world eating various dishes and loving every bite.

An unforgettable moment

An unforgettable moment I experienced is visiting the house my great grandmother’s childhood home, it was a great experience to see my history and where I came from.

 Amani in 10 years

In 10 years I see myself being successful in all of my career goals and having a charity that enables children of low-income households to experience the joy of travel.


The Projects

I’ve been working on a video project, I can’t say much about it but I am eager for it to come out.


 Energy is never created nYour main motto? Energy is never created nor destroyed, so the energy you put into something will always pay off.

Full name: Amani Gordon


Age: 22

Height: 5’10

Shoe: 8

Size: 2

Agency: Mint Management 

Interview by Ed, the brazilian editor