Al Pierce: “When I walk down the runway I usually have a hype song playing in my head, currently the hype song is “Goldie ” by ASAP ROCKY”.

19 set, 2013

Hi, my name is Al Pierce, I am 24 and my hometown is Toronto Canada.

I am originally born in Sofia Bulgaria, but was moved around throughout my childhood. I ‘m quite outgoing and love engaging in social life, but I also love being by myself.

I practice Kung fu and love going for crazy workouts outdoors

I never really decided to become a model. I started chasing my childhood, dream of becoming an actor about 4 years ago. After performing Kung fu and lion dances on stages for numerous years I finally decided to sign up for acting school.

So throughout college I worked as a server at a very prestigious hotel in Toronto. A few years down the line my scout saw me at that same restaurant having breakfast. He gave me his card and the rest is history to be made.

My first test shoot was in college , I walked into a photography class and told the teacher I wanna model and I need pictures, so he asked the class if anyone would shoot me. One girl lifted her arm  and we shot two days after in the campus studio.

Posing to photographers: doing various face stretches before shooting

At any shoot it is very important to have a bond with the photographer. Without that bond there is no shoot , ther is no model  and there is no image. This bond is very strong and it’s created by trust, respect and appreciation of an individuals art and way of doing things.

I usually fall back on acting when it comes to preparation. Doing various face stretches and breathing exercises just to loosen up the body and face.

I think nudity is fine as long as there is an artistic purpose behind it. I don’t have a problem showing off something that I worked for very hard ;)

I know u guys wanna hear some stories about “fluffing”, but I don’t really have any , it was never required on my parts lol

The catwalks experiences

Well, I can be proud to say that my first cat walk experiences were in Toronto at small venues with local designers, I remember my first show, I was the only guy to do underwear walking out with 15 girls that I previously had seen butt naked in the background. Since then I walked for bigger designers such as Trussardi as well as Andrea Incontri, Umit Benan, and a few others.

When I walk down the runway I usually have a hype song playing in my head, currently the hype song is “Goldie ” by ASAP ROCKY. But the feeling that you have can not really be put in words. “It’s crazy “

Male x Female: who rules?

Well, I think we are still living in a masculine age, so of course the female beauty is most glorified, but you can definitely tell that there is a new light being shed on male modelling. Yeah females run this business.

I definitely look up to Simon Nessman, as fellow Canadian I admire what he has done with his career and how he remains so humble.

Al Pierce´s style: a fashionista?

Well, it’s hard not to get a taste for fashion when you are surrounded by it most of the time. And I think it is very important for models to understand fashion. When I m not working I like to wear whatever feels good, lots of oversized stuff, jeans shirts and vests. I love harem style pants.

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would tell everybody to calm the “f” down  and would take my time to hug each and every one of these individuals ;)

Showbiz and success

I love showbiz, I think it has a very important influence on society. Not just modeling all entertainment arts to me are respectable. I could not imagine myself perusing a career other than show business .

Loving x Dating

I love dating and meeting new people. But with all the travelling at the moment it is sort of impossible to maintain a serious relationship. I guess that makes me a single :)


I love sports and exercise, I practice Shaoling Kung Fu, running, soccer, basketball, swimming and parkour

If u could have a superpower, what would it be?

If I had a superpower it would be flying, I would save a lot of times at airports ;)

Your fav super hero

My favourite super hero is Batman

Aside from the “hype song” ….. “Just Don’t trip !!!”:)

The dumbest thing u ever heard a model say

“Let’s take a taxi, I only walk cat walks”

Atracting someone´s attention

The best way to attract attention is to ignore

Having fun, enjoying life

I go out a lot, spend most of my free time with friends.

In his Ipod

Love hip hop, rnb and old school reggae, but I love all music as long as it sounds good

Fav food


Fav underwear for daily activities and for those cool sexy moments :)

Love wearing CK underwear for most occasions, or none ;)

Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate, and its more of an addiction problem

If u weren´t a model, u´d be…

A Chef


Smile, it’s free!!!:)

An unforgettable moment

My first fashion show, I will never forget how it felt

When u´ll come to my world bud? I´m sure u´ll have a real good time under the brazilian tropical sun!

I ll come whenever you guys invite me

Agent : Norwayne Anderson FB page

Mother agency:  Elite Milano