New faces rock, the series. Episode 88: Allan de Genaro

03 ago, 2014

First off,  I want to thank World of Models for the success that has been doing during these years.  So proud to be a member of this family and here we go!




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I´m 21 years old, born in São Paulo and I´ve just recently joined the modeling world. 

How did all begin 

When I was 13 I made my first book, but I was studying and could not go to the castings. Once completed 18 years, I had a great opportunity to work in a freight forwarder company during three years. However, I started noticing that it was not what I really wanted for my professional life, so I quit it and decided to pursue a modeling career. My parents didn´t agree about my decision that time, but here I am doing my best to make successful in this business folks! 





Posing to photographers in a most natural and relaxed way

The best way to get a great result is working hard during hours posing to them in a cool environment. When we have a teamwork, I just let it go, posing in a most natural and relaxed way.

A funny backstage story was when I went on a casting of shampoo and had to sing in front of everyone a Caetano Veloso´s song. Well, I´m not a good singer and I was wondering how they asked to do such unusual performance lol

The catwalks´ experiences 

Due to my height (1.82 m) I end up being a more commercial profile, though I´ve walked once for Trends summer, a brand swimwear. As everyone knows backstage is a huge arenaline, but when I entered the catwalk, I just focus on what I have to do and I leave all the problems behind




Male and Female models into the fashion industry

This  industry  is wider for women, but men already got a good exposure in this market.

Marlon Teixeira is one of the models I admire for his great look and professionalism. He is very humble and likes surfing,  a sport  I’m still learning.

Isabeli Fontana and Gisele Bundchen are stunning! Perfection form head to toe :)







Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

Can you believe I´ve already imagined myself in this situation?! J I would give all possible attention to every fan!  That would be an awesome moment! 

On show business 

Everyone dreams on being successful in this fashion world. It is a challenging career that takes time and patience. I find it amazing how an editorial can change a person’s life, this world is full of amazing surprises and borderless.


Allan´s style: a fashionista?

Nope, I am not. When I´m at home, I usually walks with my shorts and shirtless, but when phone rings, it´s time for a casual style :)




Fav superhero and super power 

The Spiderman movies catch me by his story with Marry Jane, but the super power I wish I had  would be the gift of flying

Next chapters

 Many people think  model has an easy life but it´s really not! You got to work hard and even when you become a top model believe me, you never stops! Professionalism is the key.

So, I want to focus on my international career. I want to show the world my potential and I´m sure the best is yet to come, so get ready folks for my upcoming projects.

Take care, 



Allan de Genaro

Instagram: allandegenaro

Modeling pics by the following photographers

Alvaro Toledo Leme

Cristiano Madureira

Rodrigo Marconatto

Eduardo Mello  

Mother Agency: L´Equip Model & Arts /   

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor




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