New faces rock, the series. Episode 89: Alex Wilms

25 out, 2014


Hey guys, I was born in the magic city Rome. My mother is german and my father italian. When I was four, my mother and my sister moved to Germany. I love my little city Muenster in Germany. All my family is there and this is the reason why I am always happy to come back.

I am a very ambitious man. Also I love to cook and spend time with my family. Moreover I have one big passion: Football


Modeling: how did all begin

 I decided to become a model after my Emporio Armani campaign this year. After such a big campaign you have to take the opportunity. I hope you know what I mean.



 My mother agency Fashion model  discovered me in Milan. Sorry, but I really don´t know how was my first test shooting. The best thing is that I can travel a lot  and earn good money. This job give me many opportunities

 Posing to photographers: having fun with a good atmosphere



Before a shooting I try to relax and have fun with all the team. It is important to have a good atmosphere. Haha no sorry I don´t have funny backstage stories. I am too boring haha. I am a very simple and quiet guy and I just try to make my job well.

The catwalks´ moments


I had and have the honor to work with my favourite designer Mr. Giorgio Armani. I love this man! Also I have worked with Dolce&Gabbana. Also very cool guys.
To be honest when I´m walking down the catwalk I try to think that I am the best. You have to be self confident on the runway.

Male models x Female models


  The rule is equally distributed with with slight advantages for the women because of the beauty products.

My favourite male model is David Gandy and female Irina Shayk.

Alex´s style


 I like to wear what I want not what is the trend. I love to dress me comfortably but it also depends on what I am going to do. If I go out for a dinner I can’t wear joggers. But I love joggers! haha




Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

If I were really famous I would distribute a few autograph and tale pictures with my fans.

On show business 

A difficult business. It might be better if I didn’t talk about my opinion.
Date X Love: I love relationships. I still need love like any person.

Sports: soccer




Super power and superhero: Beam myself where ever I want. Superhero: Batman

Atracting someone’s attention: I can not tell you otherwise all people knows about my secret haha 

Fav body part and underwear



The eyes because they tell you almost everything about people.

My fav underwear is always boxer briefs

Having fun, enjoying life

To be with my best friends in my hometown or on the beach with warm weather.


I hear almost everything, most frequently german rap

Fav food: Pizza and Pasta

Nickname: Ale



Fav booking so far: Armani Jeans Catalogue because I learned a lot with photographer David McKnight.

Yourself in 10 years

I hope to be in a beach house with my family and some friends and lots of money

If you werent a model you´d be….

 Maybe soccer player


Upcoming Projects

I will spend a lot time in Milan and New York and hope to be successful.

Motto: Go where you’re happiest and try to be successful 

When you’ll come to my world? 

 Now! :)


Thank you. Alex Wilms 

Mother Agency: Fashion model

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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