Alex Vyntra:” All the backstages are cool, full of jokes and smiles, but at the same time, full of adrenaline.”

09 abr, 2016


Hello World of Models family, it’s a pleasure to be here and tell something about myself.





I’m Alex Vyntra, I’m from Italy and I was born on 12th march 1988. My passion is my work and I love travelling around the world, meeting new friends and new clients as well.

I think that our job could be what most people would like to do, since we were young!

I’m extrovert and cheerful, i like to be smile towards everybody, and when and till where I can, i like to help and give advice to all my friends , cause I hope to get the same it when I need it.

 I’m doing the workout everyday cause I love to be healthy and feel myself better, even if, I realize, this is like a second job for us models, and is not easy to give up to some delicious food, but is the life !!






Modeling: how did all begin

Honestly I was a freelance model since some years ago in my hometown, till a one of the best model agency in Milan discovered and called me for a first meeting just to know a both and take me the first fresh polas and the measures of my body as well.

I remember I was so excited and at the same time, a little bit scared about the idea to become a professional model, to change my use and all my life; when I went in the agency , all my scare were get off, and I was so determinated to sign up my new job-contract and begin a real model!

Actually I live in Milan and my mother agency is I Love Models Management, sincerely I think is one of the best agency here and all the bookers are really nice, like a family.

Here, my first professional pic of my life, at the Ligurian Sea, in Italy.


Posing to photographers


Sincerely I don’t have some particular preparation before the shooting, I think that the best preparation is to sleep well the day before the shooting and don’t eat food-shit as well, cause to sleep and to eat healthy is really important to get a good work!


I never posed naked in front of the camera, cause I think is not necessary to be naked to get a good shooting, I remember just a few times, when I posed half-naked , for example with the hands or some dress who cover my private body-parts.

The runway shows




 About the backstages, I’m sincere, all the backstages are cool, full of jokes and smiles, but at the same time, full of adrenaline, especially the backstage before the Fashion Show, there are a lot of dresses and people everywhere, sometimes you cannot find your stand-dresses , but everything is cool and exciting , cause when you realize that all this is for a cool catwalk or a cool catalogue or campaign , obviously everything going be well!!

 The fashion show is one of the best moment for us. Recently I got Rocco Barocco Fashion Show during the Milan Women Fashion Week , and before this, I got a catwalk for the Milan Unica On Stage, where there were the first 10 most emerging fashion designers in the world, they were from China, North Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Italy and where I got a catwalk for Luca Larenza, an Italian designer really strong and creative, and Weber and Weber, a couple of Austrian brothers, very professional , cool and very funny as well.


I was proud to be present , there was a lot of people and we got this catwalk on Monte Napoleon Street, one of the most cool and fashion street in Milan, rich of boutique as Fendi, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and more else … That street has opened to this huge event for the first time in the history!

And then I got other catwalk, in Milan as in the rest of Italy, as Turin, as Naples…


Male models x Female models: who rule this industry?

 Honestly I don’t know, but I realize the fashion market is borned with female gender, so I think the female model is more stronger than male model, even if, the male model career could be more longer than female.

I don´t have any role model who inspired me because when I started it I was just focused on  money and I´ve been learning slowly to put passion above all.


Alex, a fashionista?



I’m not a fashionista, I like to wear as feel better myself, generally I don’t follow the fashion-style, but I prefer wear about my flavours and my idea.

I like wearing with jeans, sport shoes, t-shirt or shirt, and leather jacket, indeed I have a lot of dresses like these in my wardrobe, I have a lot of t-shirts, jeans, trousers, jackets and soooo many shoes!!! That’s why , I don’t go to shopping since one year :)

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

 Really curious question, that’s happened one time on metro-station, when I heard two girls tell something about me , about my last work, who they saw me there, and it was funny, but…. I didn’t wanna make them other embarassy and at the same time I din’t wanna make me more fame, I had appreciated and I went out to the metro-coach , pretending not to hear, cause I think we are a normal and simple guys, and we aren’t better of the rest of the guys, even if our job is concentrated especially to the beauty.



On show business

How can say about this job…. This business is not easy, the market is fluctuating and stressful, cause, you have to live day by day, and you don’t know, where you can be to one or two months, the our job is a very long travel, and to travel, is our job as well!!

Dating x Loving

Actually I don’t have a girlfriend, I had her since three.four years ago, but I decided to change my life and my way, it was nice stay with her but of course the life has to go on , with or without her, the life is only one and totally in your hands, so I’m looking for…… is there a good soul for me ? ahahahah I’m joking obviously, I don’t how will be my future, only God can know it.

Fav body part and why


 My favourite part of body are the chest and the abs, cause I think they are sexy and one of the best parts who women like to touch!!

Having fun and enjoyind life

I love to spend my time with my family and my friends, enjoy my life and don’t think to no-else!


Superheroes and Super powers

I don´t have a fav superhero but sometimes I think about the immortality and the infinite power, so I transform

myself and i’m able to find a lot of power that will allow me to do what I want, and nobody can stop me, especially when I’m doing the sport!!

Fav food

I like to cook all the food, especially Italian food, and I’m a good ‘’fork’’ (Italian way of saying) and greedy guy! I love pizza and pasta, even if unfortunately, we can’t eat everyday and everytime these!!



The Projects

About my projects, I’m looking for some other agencies in the world, to get other experiences, I went in China recently and Shanghai is really a cool city, is in deep of my heart, that’s why I’d like come back there asap!

 And also I’d like go to Japan cause I am attractive to oriental countries

By now I still don’t know about my present future, I’m on way to decide, China, Japan as told above, but also South Africa, Brasil, USA, Turkey… I told you guys, travel is our job!!

And I wanna remember you ‘’Never Give up, and follow all your dreams, impossible is nothing!!!’’ is my motto, but I think it must be the motto of everybody!!


Thanks for having me World of Models family. It was a pleasure and stay tuned for my upcoming fashion jobs!!!! One big hug!!

Your Alex


28 years old

188 cm

78 kg


43 shoesize


Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor


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