Photographer Alex Santana: “Sometimes I´m doing a job and in the third click there comes the perfect picture”

09 nov, 2011

I’m a brazilian photographer from Minas Gerais and I´ve been living in Rio since 1995. I graduated in Marketing and Advertising and before photography I worked as a bank clerk.  In meantime I got interested in photography.

I used to see pictures of friends, landscapes and it always amazed me. Then in 2006, I bought a small camera and I started to shooting everything through my eyes lol. It did not take too long for me to meet the fashion photography and the works of photographers like Helmut Newton, Mario Testino among others.

Yeah folks, I fell in love for fashion photography. I started to study photography and I did a lot of research. Then I realized that my days as a bank clerk were gone. The following 2 years were very important to me cause I met a lot of cool professionals and I learned a lot about this fascinating world of photography.

Special Moments and funny backstages

Yep, for sure it happens. Sometimes I´m doing a job and in the third click there comes the perfect picture. And of course it´s all about a cool teamwork and the models real inspired to do their best in front of the cam.

The other day I was photographing a female model on the beach and asked her to take off her bra, so she was just covering her breasts with her hands. I started shooting her and then when I looked behind there was a huge crowd of men. They were really hypnotized looking at her lol! But the model was really professional and the result was a great shooting!

Working with models, a cool partnership

It´s really nice when I got an e-mail from the modeling agency thanking me for the good job I did. And it is even better when the new faces got new jobs because of pics I did for their portfolios.

Top cool places for a shooting

Beach, big cities, parks, forests. All these places I can work using the natural light.

The digital era really helped the photography?

Yes, it helped a lot, cause nowadays you can see the result in real time, so no doubt it helped in the process.

A picture worth a thousand words?

Certainly. Through an image you can give a real and true identity . From the lens of a photographer to the beholder´s eyes.

The Projects

Recently I worked with the top model Ana Beatriz Barros. She is such a terrific model. I had a real good time working with her, very professional and funny! Needless to say that the pics turned out great! I´m also working on video too and I´m enjoying a lot.


Do not stand still

O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo!

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