Alexis Gremmel: “I have been scouted the day of the Irene hurricane while I went down of the building to know why we had to evacuate”

05 out, 2012

Heyy guys! My name is Alexis Gremmel and i’m 22 years old.

I was born and grew up in Paris. One pretty cool city in the world I guess haha !

My favorite thing in the world is by far music, I can’t live without it. I also love art and work as an art dealer on the side in New York.

How did he get discovered: The Irene hurricane!!

I started modeling this Year after my booker scouted me in a building while I was just in NYC for vacation. I was just visiting New York with my ex girlfriend when I got discovered.

It’s actually a bit crazy because I have been scouted the day of the Irene hurricane while I went down of the building to know why we had to evacuate. My booker gave me his card and told me to stop by the agency, I went back to Paris and start working with them a couple months later.

South of France: his first shooting

My first shooting was with a Chinese phtographer and an american model in the South of France.

Castings, french artists and posing to photographers

I have now decide to live in New York where I am going to castings and working as an executive art dealer on the side for different contemporary french artists. This is very interesting and help me to meet a lot of people coming from everywhere.

I love to work with photographers who are open minded or even a little crazy. You know it’s always cool to share and it does help you to feel free and open when it’s time to focus or do your craziest face :)

Posed Naked ?

Can be if it’s for a good reason and professional

A fashionista?

I don’t consider myself as a fashionista, what I can tell you is that I love to wear and do my own style, if I know everyone is going to wear black, why not just come in red or yellow, you know haha! I can wear a suit all day at work and a very unclassy jeans with fucked up sneakers at night. That’s me and who cares anyway :)

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I will play the game, be gentle, smile and probably try to promote something on the side ! My business side I guess hahaha

Show biz, fame, success and most important things for his life

I think there is a big difference between business and show business. Show business is a world that I would love to touch later with an acting career if it comes to me, but i like to live my life day by day. To be honest at the moment nothing is making me happier than modeling and selling art.

Dating X loving 

I fell in love once in my life and everyone knows this amazing feeling but I have to say that it’s a commitment. At this moment of my life my Relationship is over, things are going on around and I need to focus on my professional career.


I love to play all kind of sports. I’m very open but what I love the most is soccer, tennis, volley-ball and boxe.

Attract someone´s attention ?? Nothing better than talking with your eyes :)

In his Ipod

Music to me is life and I listen to it like I dress. I don´t have a favorite one. It just depends on my mood. You could find Sting, Paul Kalkbrenner, Stereoclip, Art Department, Kid cudi, Stephane Pompougnac, The Beatles, Ryan Leslie, Parov Stellar, Nneka etc etc

Fav food

I love healthy food like fruits, salads etc and I can tell that growing up in France kind of help. But what I love the most is the red meat like a good entrecôte with fresh potatoes.

And when you´ll come to my world man? I´m sure u´ll have a good time under the brazilian tropical sun!

If I had an opportuniy, I would actually be very interested to spend time and work in Brazil

Alexis Gremmel

Mother Agency  RED MODEL NYC

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