Top Alex Eckschmidt, model, entrepeneur, environmentalist!

13 jan, 2011

Welcome to Alex´s world. In an exclusive interview the 37-year-old-guy (and still modeling!) shares his thoughts about modeling, environment, business, life!  

Hello World of Models family. I´m a brazilian model. agronomist, with a post graduate degree by Getúlio Vargas Institution and I have a  master degree by Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. I´m a environmentalist and an idealist guy. I was born in São Paulo and my parents came from Germany.

The beginning

In my college years I was working at Bayer when a friend of mine showed me some cool and irresistible modeling jobs. So, I decided to give a try working as a model during a year. It was just the beginning of a great journey into the fashion world.

And here I am now, a 37-year-old-guy. With the money I earned as a model through these years I founded 2 companies focused on environmental management and they are doing very well.

Best thing about being a model is to be able to meet people, visit places around the world, and money, of course. It´s such an unique, special and short career. My first modeling job was a shooting for a fashion catalog and nowadays, as a renowned model, I just do some specific jobs for my specific biotype.



Humility as a virtue

Humility is the greatest virtue of being human, no one is better than anyone else. A modeling career is a job like any other. In this case, we, the models helped to sell an image. So, whatever you really are, work hard with professionalism and responsibility and be prepared when your career is over.

Working with photographers: feeling comfortable and confident

I enjoy working with the photographers that make us  comfortable to their lens and explain their conception for the shootings, so it´s easier to get a good result. I have no previous preparation, it´s just a matter of teamwork.

A funny backstage story happened when I had to pose with a female model and the photographer was jealous about us, but he needed to have us really comfortable and relaxed. A hard job but a very funny situation lol

Over 200 brazilian male models!

Catwalks? I´ve been in lots of them, especially abroad, especially in Milan, where blond models are most required. I´ve walked for Armani, Valentino, Ferre, among others. Besides Milan, Paris and New York are very professional fashion  places. They have a strict schedule so we barely see any mistake that might harm the event.

I remember in a casting Valentino was in a selection of over 200 men from different ethnicities and guess what, in the end the chosen ones were all brazilian models hahahahah. It´s so incredible the mixture of races that my country shows to the world!

A fashionista?

No, I´m not. I´m a classic guy, even because I work with entrepreneurs, and I need to dress accordingly, but I love the good stylists, like Armani, for example.

Show biz and the sustainability

It´s a fascinating business, even more if they we make money creating the opportunity for sustainability. This is the future and I´m proud to say that I´m part of it. I’m an environmentalist, I have two daughters, I want a future equal to or even better for everyone.

5 most important things for his life

Happiness, Health, Family, Work and Success

Dating X Love: dating before love
Sports: windsurfing
Atracting someone´s attention: looking into the eyes
Having fun: going to the beaches
The craziest (nastiest?) thing he´s ever done in a summer time season: drunk during 3 days without sleeping
His secret to be in a good shape: eat less and run more, heheh
Fav undies for those coooool sexy moments (lol!): in these moments, no undies at all! hahah
Fav band:  Rolling Stones
Fav food: salads


The Projects

Keep working with sustainability for a better world and maybe present a TV program about it


Alex Eckschmidt
Age: 37
Mother agency: Ten Model Management

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