Alex Costa: “Male models got more exposure nowadays but female models will always rule this business!

04 set, 2013

Well, lets go! My name is Alexsandro Duarte da Costa, but in the fashion world people know me as Alex Costa, this is my artistic name! Before modeling, I was a soccer player and I´ve played in some soccer teams in Brazil.

I am very relaxed person, I love my family and I have 4 passions in my life!

First one-my mom

Second- soccer

Third -play guittar

Fourth – be a model

When I was playing soccer in Marcilio Dias soccer club, I was facing a very difficult moment in my life, so I decided to quit soccer. A tough decision but then a friend of mine asked me if I´d like to pursue a modeling career. He is a model and I said to myself ‘why not’. He introduced me to my first modeling agency, they approved me and I did my first testshoot to my portfolio. The photographer was Sergio Ferretti, he is one of the owners of my mother agency DF Model, located in Joinville, Santa Catarina.

Posing to photographers: performance and good ideas

I like when the photographer have a good performance to shoot and good ideas to new poses!

My first testshoot naked was 5 years ago with the brazilian photographer Marcelo Kimonat from Balneario Camburiú.  He is one of the best photographers from Santa Catarina. The teamwork was amazing  3 girls makeup artist, hair dresser, stylist and the photographer, I was really ashamed, because I had to get naked in front of  them, but  thanks God, the pics turned out great!

The funny catwalks moments

I remember a funny backstage 1 year ago in Milano fashion week, Some girls mistook me with the actor of the movie Twilight and they embraced me,  kissed me and shouted..Jacob Jacob was really funny hahhahahhaah

I’ve already walked for Hugo boss, Gucci, D&G, CK, , Colcci, Coca Cola, Fórum, C&A, Naguchi, Dudalina, Splash, just to name a few!

Male models x Female modelsW

 Well, for sure  male models got more exposure nowadays than some  years ago, but female models will always rule this business!

Alex´ style, a fashionista?

I think I am a little bit fashionista hhaahahaha. When I’m not working as a model I like to wear jeans, a T-shirt and a black shoes black. I´m into the basics!

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I think I would act normal, because I wouldn’t have nothing to do in a situation like that hahahhaahah

 Dating X Loving

When I´m dating someone , I am very serious about it, I like to go to  movie theater, restaurants 


Soccer, Swimming, Capoeira

Atracting someone´s attention

Just being funny hahhaha

Having fun, enjoying life

I like to go to snack bars, beaches, I enjoy Surfing too!

Fav body part and why

My abs, because attracts girls´attention :)

In your Ipod  

Rock, Reggae, Country, Samba, Electro house, Psy.


Rice, Bean, Chicken and Salad

If you weren´t a model you´d be…

Soccer player

The Projects

I´m in Milan now and in 2 years I intend to be back to Brazil to study Acting

An unforgettable moment

When I’m with my mom


Never say never and never give up on your dreams!

Mother agency: DF Model Management
Fb page

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