Model Alexander Staudal through an incredible journey into the modeling world!

30 abr, 2014

My name is Alexander Staudal, im a 90′s baby, and was born in 1992 in a city called Elsinore.







And that´s where i grew up, along friends, family and through my life, sports and school, I met the people i still surrounded by today, those people mean the world to me, and they always will.

When I’m coming home after a long journey caused by my modeling, it´s still the same, it feels like we never were apart, we stayed together, tho we went to different educations, i choose three years of marketing and communication, and international economy.

We were still connected through blood, strong friendships, and sports, which from my side were, Karate, soccer, and basketball. The past two years I’ve been traveling across the world as an international model. Milan, Paris, Barcelona, London, New York, Tokyo, Xiamen.  And signed with Premier Model Management London, as mother agency.

Besides Modeling, I’m working with the designer Allan Shiwani, who is all so my friend, around a new street/fashion brand, called Rounders, atm. I mostly contribute with input and ideas, and marketing, since I’m away working as a model.  but check it out new collection coming  soon.








How did all begin

I was scouted during a festival in Denmark, by my old MA. Mother agency called 1st. option CPH. and decided to give it a chance, tho I were still during the last year of my education, I went to Milan for CK exclusive, and Paris Givenchy exclusive as my two first projects which was during fashion week AW12.

But in the end I was cancelled for both shows, and I think that happened because of the lack of knowledge as a fashion model, and that I just were thrown into it without any modeling experience. Givenchy did pay tho, but after that I decided, to finish my education  and lay low on the modeling a bit, since my absence was a major problem, caused by modeling.

A few months after, I picked it up again, and started full time modeling. I like   working as an model, i´ts a job where you get to, work with a lot of different and exciting people, both the models, photographers, designers, makeup artist, casting and show directors.

Different cultures, and you get to travel the world. The world is our playground, we as models are not stuck in one place. You learn a lot by living like this about other nationalities, personalities, you become way more creative and professional around, working with such people, and i believe it has been apart of the making of who i am.







Posing to photographers: learning how to use his body in different ways

There is ambitious, one that knows what he or she wants and is creative, a honest photographer that will tell you if they think you could improve something, that happened to me, with an amazing photographer and  model which I believe made me  better person on  longer term, and a better model. (Brent Chua). I spent lot  of time with Brent both on set and of, I was staying with him in NYC. And Brent is a amazing person.

I do not think about my posing in front of the camera anymore. I prefer just to do it and move, you can use all that you know in your posing, for example, sports, dance, martial art, gymnastic. You learn how to use your body in different ways, and your body becomes flexible .  

Of course it makes it easier if you know what the photographer is looking for.  I would have no problems with naked shoots, if the money is right and the pictures is fashion and professional.






The runway shows


I can think of anything that falls to my mind, when I’m walking down the catwalk, I’m Alexander Staudal that doesn’t change because I’m on a catwalk I’m still the same, but I like doing the major fashion weeks, and Copenhagen since its home and I love to work with Uffe Buchard and Kim Grenaa no matter what kind of work, and that they were the ones to put me on the danish stage.

I´ve already walked for Hackett London x3, KTZ. James Long. Xander Zhou. Sense. Comme des Garcons. Sand. CPH fur. and several others in Copenhagen fashion weeks.

If i had to list magazines, editorials, catalogs, look books, the list would be long, so ill stay with the show.

Unfortunately I haven’t done any campaigns yet, only had them hanging above my head YSL, and Abercrombie and Fitch, but I’m sure it will come soon enough.

I would really like to get the opportunity to meet and work with Ricardo Tisci again. I think he is an amazing designer, so Givenchy. Versace with Donatella Versace since my thought is the same, her designs are amazing. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her yet.


Male models x Female models: who rule?

Of course male models doesn’t have the same exposure as the female models, but neither do we have the same competition about the jobs, and female models always have and always will rule this business.


The 80s and 90s were big for male modeling, but we are getting there again and the day we get a male model with Gisele earnings, then we can talk about it.


Tony Ward, Coco Rocha and Brent Chua inspired me to use all of your knowledge about your body, move, do all the expressions you want, don’t be afraid of failure, or doing a weird pose, just do it, do not think about it, the pictures will be caught. Also how they move, and is open for doing any shoot, they are open minded. 

Alexander, a fashionista?



I wear whatever I want to wear, could be sweatpants, could be fashion, or street-fashion or suits

Imagine u famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I would know that there was a huge chance that I would be in Tokyo or China, let people take a few picture and smile, then walk away.

Alexander´s style concerning….

Dating X Loving: Private matters

Sports: Martial arts and football/soccer

If you could have a super power what would it be?

As a model mind-control or teleportation.

Who’s your favorite superhero? The joker even tho is not the hero, but he is the only villain that are more famous then the hero.

The dumbest think you’ve ever heard a model say? That would be a American girl saying is Denmark the capital of Sweden.

Atracting someone´s attention: It happens automatically.


Having fun, enjoying life: I enjoy  time with the people I care about,  traveling and meeting interesting people on my way.

Fav body part and why: My heart, because I have such a warm personality

Your tattoes are stylish! My tattoo on my back is a tiger, and my tattoo on the side is dojo-kun. It says : strive for perfection of character, defend the path of truth, foster the spirit of effort, honor the principles of etiquette, and guard against impetuous courage. Which is from karate, which I did for many years and it’s a way of living.



Favorite singer and which music you hear in your IPhone. NAS. Hiphop, rnb, rock.

Guilty Pleasure: Smoking

If you weren´t a model you´d be…
Marketing and communication, but wouldn’t change modeling for anything

Next Chapters

London-Milan-Paris vacation in Copenhagen and then Singapore or NYC.
An unforgettable moment: Sandy 2012 New York
Motto: Work until your idols becomes your rivals


Contact info
Instagram astaudal 

Mother Agency: Premier Model Management

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