Alessandro Mele: “The Amfar show was amazing, There was a lot of designers, actors and singers watching the show. It was really special”

15 fev, 2014

Hi everbody, my name is Alessandro Mele, 27 years old and I am from Italy. I grew up in a small town close to Naples (South of Italy).


I left my hometown when I was 23 to start my modeling career and I moved to Milan for 1 year more or less, Then I moved to NYC where I still live at the moment.  I love the fashion industry also because I love clothes. especially the elegant ones. I love skiing, riding horses, swimming, karate, running, all sports in general, cars and traveling.   I describe myself a humble simple person. I’m also a family guy.



 I decided to start modeling only when I was 23 (before that I was working for my family’s business ) when I met a fashion designer Carlo Pignatelli and he encouraged me to become a model,so I shot for his catalogue (400.000 copies) and I felt very good, nice emotions, I loved the atmosphere during the shoot, the people and everything else. So I said to myself “why don’t start modeling?”. And I got an agency in Milan and moved there. That’s how I started !!



Posing to photographers: elegance and class 

I love it and I feel completely myself when I shoot wearing suits..I love elegance and class. Most of the jobs that I’ve done are with suits, tuxedos etc. My first test shoot was so funny I can’t forget it. I was in Milan and my agent called me and said “tomorrow u have a shoot in lake Como” (Italy) and he didn’t tell me that the photographer was american. so at the time I couldn’t speak one word of English. I went on the set and I couldn’t understand the photographer so I decided to just pose the way I felt.



And I was feeling so shy about the language haha…but then the result of the shoot was very good and he complimented me a  lot with my agent about the fact that I was very natural and spontaneous.haha and I thought to myself “of course I was” :) I couldn’t understand anything of what he was saying..thats why I was so natural..

The runway shows

 My first runway was always for Carlo Pignatelli, I remember that I was so stressed out and nervous in the backstage but once I walked on the catwalk I felt so good..all my emotions went away and I was only focused on the runway. It was an amazing experience. When I´m walking down the runway  I just think about doing my best and making the designer happy.




Another amazing feeling was when I did the show for Ralph Lauren in New York. But the best feeling was when, the next day, I saw the pic of myself during the show on “the New York Times” feeling ever.  And again the Amfar show was amazing, I did it twice. The first time at the library of NYC and second time at Plaza Hotel of NYC .I remember the catwalk was super long and there was a lot of designers, actors and singers watching the show, it was really special.




Male models x Female models: who rule? 

I think female models and woman’s fashion bussines in general are more followed by people. Honestly before I started modeling I didn’t know anything about models,.but I remember this male model David Gandhi in Dolce Gabbana “Light Blue” parfum. The commercial was amazing and that was shoot in Capri (that’s where I spent all my summers, really close to my hometown only 30 min away) but my number one inspiration isn’t a male model but an actor, Sylvester Stallone, for many reasons.



Alessandro´s style: a fashionista?


 Yes, I am. I love clothes and I try to dress always well and elegant even if I just go take a casual walk down the street, that’s my Italian soul :-)

Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd! 

Haha I think that would be fun..and i would play with the situation

On show business

Show business? I love it I think it is exiting..and behind every show there is a lot work and a lot people that work very hard for it




 Dating x Loving

I’m a really faithful, honest, romantic and passionate guy. I give it all my heart..but only if I’m super In love


skiing , riding horses, soccer, Swimming, running, I’m a black belt in karate

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? What´s your fav superhero?

Super power? Make my dreams come true

Superhero:  i don’t really have a superhero but I can say that I’m Sylvester Stallone’s biggest fan.

Craziest thing in u´ve already experienced 

I came to NY without speaking english and without knowing anybody in this city

   Attracting someone´s attention 

I do everything with my eyes and smile 





Having fun, enjoying life 

I love hanging out with real friends, having dinner, drink a good wine and laugh a lot, simple things

Best fav body part and fav underwear for all moments

I think my best part are my eyes. I only use black or white underwear..speedo type. I don’t like big and long underwear I don’t think those are sexy


 I love jazz music and my fav singer isLouis Armstrong




Pizza and pasta,but only Italian, of course

Next Chapters 

Future project? Just trying to do my best in order to be more and more successful in this bussines

Unforgettable moment

I have many, but the particular one was when I moved to NYC. This city gave me and is still giving me the best moments, feelings and emotions of my life in both bad and good ways !


Believe in yourself that’s what makes you a winner!!


Mother agency:  Elite Milan
I’m based in NY and I’m with Wilhelmina models

Instagram @alessandromele
Twitter @alexmele86

Thank you so much
Alessandro Mele



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