Photographer Alberto Bruni: ” Recently I went to Vietnam and Cambodia to create a photo article. This summer I´m working on two fashion shoots: in New York and in Miami”

21 jul, 2011

Hey folks, check out my second part interview with photographer Alberto Bruni
I have worked with many newcomers and many models had their first professional shoot with me. That is always something very special for the model and the photographer. The model is often excited and uncertain. I try to create a situation that is as relaxed as possible for the model, to create trust.
Often I succeed and I am in personal contact with many models to this day, following their careers. There is one model who had his first shoot with me—more shoots followed, and since that start he has made huge progress which I was able to experience along with him from the beginning. That’s something very special and makes me proud when I see the model on a successful path.
The unusual/funny backstages´ moments
That would be a lot of stories. I’m sometimes quite scatterbrained, and others would agree. Two experiences not long ago are proof of this. We were late for a big shoot in a castle near Berlin. I still had to pick up a rental car and drive to the agreed meeting place in central Berlin, where the whole team was already waiting. In my enthusiasm and with the time pressure on my back, I wanted to park the car on the side of the street, and quickly. Along a 500-metre stretch of road there was only one other parked car, but I rammed exactly that car with my “quick” parking.
In a studio shoot I became so euphoric that I started to trigger the camera too fast and too often. There was a loud bang, and smoke rose out of the flash system. I had blown up the flash because it had gotten too hot. Since then the models always hear it from my team that the shoot must have been very good if I made the flash glow.
Top cool places for a shooting
First: Berlin. The city offers an amazing range of awesome locations. Then of course New York. I just love that city. And Wrodow Castle near Berlin—a great old castle with an unbelievable backdrop and unlimited possibilities for new sets again and again. I also like to photograph in old factory buildings. I like the contrast of fashion shoots with the structures of times past. And Miami Beach is always a great background for cool outdoor shoots.
The Projects
Recently I went to Vietnam and Cambodia to create a photo article. This summer I´m working on two fashion shoots: in New York and in Miami.
When will you come to my world?
I’ve already been to Brazil, several years ago. I liked the country very much. I would like to come back again. maybe next year. And then for a photo shoot in some great locations.
Motto: Just do it!
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