Photographer Alberto Bruni: “I have just opened the exhibition “24men” in Berlin with two photographer friends, which will be shown in Cologne this summer and possibly also in Barcelona and Buenos Aires”

08 mai, 2011

I’ve been in photography since I was 16, for fun at first. At 20 I began to write reports about my experiences on extended foreign trips. That’s how travel and wildlife photography became my   first field of activity as a photographer. And now in the last 10 years the focus of my photography has been on people—in particular, the area of fashion photography with male models.

His origins: analogue photography

My origins are in analogue photography. Digital photography has significantly changed the entire situation. Whether that is necessarily a good thing—that remains to be seen. In any case, the possibilities have become more numerous. But I am no friend of excessive digital image processing. Digital photography at least has brought a change in the work.


Today everything moves much faster, images are viewed on the set, the employer wants to see the results immediately. Small technical errors can be corrected digitally. In earlier times we had to wait for the developed pictures, wondering about the result, and used a magnifying glass and a strong lamp to select the best images. There was something to
that, too.

Projects, Models…. Worldwide crisis on fashion photography?



I have just opened the exhibition “24men” in Berlin with two photographer friends, which will be shown in Cologne this summer and possibly also in Barcelona and Buenos Aires.Right now I’m concentrating on two photobook projects: “male beauties” and “beauty little horror”. The first shows a small series of male models in very different locations such as castles, old factory halls, hotels etc., and for the other I am photographing the models in unusual styles—crazy, mixed-up colours, dim and grim, always something unusual.

I want to use this to show a different side to the models, to emphasise their personalities. This is a project that gives me particular satisfaction—I can fully express my creativity. This summer there will be several days of shooting in Majorca for a calendar, with three or four models. Summer, sun, beach and holidays.


Most of the models are completely normal young men who have a great charisma about them and an athletic body. In many cases I am working with them for the second or third time.

Concering the worldwide economic crisis on fashion photography,  my feeling is that the current trend is upwards. At fashion shows in Berlin and the rest of Europe, the crisis is not really noticeable any more. People are optimistic again. This also has an effect on fashion. I am very optimistic about the future.

Capturing a perfect moment

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Of course I go into a shoot with a certain attitude of expectation and an idea of what I want to photograph. But I leave the model as much freedom as possible. I want a natural photo. I give as few instructions as possible during a shoot. I want to catch that very special moment that can’t be described, that comes out of the situation. And when I succeed in that, I am happy.

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