Meet model Akin Akman from Q Management!

02 jul, 2011

The series on Q Management´s models continues. Now it´s turkish Akin´s turn!

My name is Akin, I am from Izmir, Turkey. Since the age of 5 I have been training to be a professional tennis player.

Then a funny thing happened out of nowhere I was scouted at a mall and after a push from my sister and mother, I went for it!

Working with photographers: a different energy

I love working with photographers who love their job, there is just a different energy about them. They know what they want, they are amazing at what they do, and they love it! so it makes it fun for all of us.

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A fashionista?

I do like to dress nice outside of modeling, I love wearing RRL clothes most of the time, love vintage tshirts,  brown

vintage boots!. Raybans, +cool bracelets.

Atracting someone´s attention

The way I attract someones attention is by being flirty, and just being active playing sports!

Having fun

I enjoy being at the beach, the park. I play tennis and beach volleyball, i teach tennis, kite surfing, spinning and group fitness.



Contact info: Q Management