New faces rock, the series. Episode 52: Adriane Bastos

03 ago, 2012

Hello thank you, it is a pleasure to be here! My name is Adriane Bastos, I’m brazilian, 17 years old, living in Recife, a great city for those who enjoy cultural tours and some incredible scenery, not to mention our carnival.

I like movies, arts, being with my friends, dancing and I am passionate about photography and fashion!

Since childhood I’ve always been fascinated by the fashion world, so I always thought about becoming a model but in the beginning my parents did not approve it, but I never give up till

I convince them! That´s when I met the scouter Debora Dias in 2010 through a social network, We talked a lot and the rest is history! I´ve been working a lot, that´s really cool.

One of the best things about modeling is when we see the final result of every new job. You feel that every effort was valid

Working with photographers: humility

It´s all about teamwork and humility, regardless of fame. Previous talking, sharing opinions in order to achieve the best result and great images.

My favorite photographers are Jacques Dequeker, Michael Thompson, and Annie Leibovitz Gui Paganini

As for unusual backstage moment, I just leave a message. If someday a horse sneezes next to you, do not get in panic lol lol

Adriane´s style

A fashionista?

Let’s say I´m a rock´n´roll stylish sexy girl baby! I follow the fashion trends.I’m def a fashionista, but most of all I like to wear clothes that make me comfortable

Beauty X Professionalism

For sure, nowadays beauty helps to make a model successful but it´s not everything. What really matters is the person’s character, his/her atitude towards the situations involving the professionalism and ethics. That makes a person a real professional.

Having fun, enjoying life

I like going to the movies with my friends, parties, beach, horse riding and staying home with my family and friends having fun! My dad drives a Jeep and I love to go with him, cause it´s a huge adrenalin through some wild roads!

Dating X Loving


Fav body part


Craziest thing in a summertime season

Cool sumertime seasons, no crazy things at all lol

In her Ipod

Simple Plan

Fav food


Fav fragrance

Ralph Lauren – Eau de Toilette

If u weren´t a model, u´d be

A stylist, photographer or a judge

Guilty pleasure

Natural sandwich

An unforgettable moment

My first fashion editorial

The Projects

Now I´m focus on my international modeling career, make good contacts, meet new cultures, learn more and more about this fascinating fashion world. And in a future not too far, I intend to work as a fashion photographer (I love photography!). Focus, focus, focus and never ever give up. I´m sure everthing gonna be all right, so here we go!

Kisses and hugs

Adriane Bastos

Mother agency

Debora Dias Model Management

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