Adelio Boldewijn: “I really enjoy working with talented photographers that understand their craft and things go smoothly without wasting much time”

17 ago, 2014

I was born in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname 

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Growing up I always wanted to do something special, something different than just the normal life style. In 2010 someone told me a model agency called ‘perfect In Style’ was looking for models. I went to the audition, and I got through the selection as one of the best. From there I started to model for ‘Perfect in style as a runway, commercial, promotional and fashion model. 

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The best thing about modeling for me so far, are the pictures that come out of it. I can also deliver on the runway and in a commercial, but I enjoy photoshoots the most. 

Photographers and Runways: facial expression and good posture 


I really enjoy working with talented photographers that understand their craft and things go smoothly without wasting much time. I like making funny faces and fool around during the test shots and light setup, because it breaks the tension and those pictures won’t be seen anyway. 

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Runway is one of the things I enjoy the most. The time I was modeling for Perfect In Style, I was trained by a female model, and unconsciously I started walking like a female model with hips hahahaha…

But later in my career I got feedback from, and was also trained by, Richard Young (a great man in the Caribbean model industry) on how to rock the runway as a male model. 

I have modeled for local designers and shops, Sonia Noël from Guyana, Andrew Harris Jr. from Barbados and a few other designers in the Caribbean. 

When I’m on the runway, I keep three things in mind: my facial expression, good posture, left leg .. right … left … right and working that runway …..!! ohw…….. that makes its 4 hahah 

Male x Female: who rule this industry? 

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Women still have more exposure than male models. I think that’s because they use a female models for the most things.

Models that inspire me are Tyson Beckford and Rob Evans, female models like Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. The inspiration to continue as a model comes from within. because if there is no will, won’t get far.

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 On showbiz, sports,fashion style and dating 

I love showbiz… I hope to become a part of it one day after my modelling career has reached it’s highest level. I would love to play in movie. 

Concerning sports, I work out 3 days a week, mostly cardio because I don’t want to bulk up since my passion is becoming a high fashion model. 

Am i a fashionisto…….??  Ish… ahhaha I dress my self to the way i feel that day. My favorite look outside of the job is a polo, with shorts and sneakers. And let’s not forget my shades and watch. 

 And when we talk about dating, I´m more attracted to interesting people rather than attractive people.

 Having fun, enjoying life 

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My way to have fun is to dance and sing. Places i usually go: I like to go to the cinema, to the mall. My way to enjoy the best of life is to sleep, so i can rest for a brand new day. 

Atracting someone´s attention 

I’m very modest and constantly laughing when I get embarrassed, but I’m also very friendly and social.


 Fav body part and underwear for all cool moments

My eyes, because that’s where I tell the story of a image, I can set the mood by the kind of intensity I give them and I’m very very proud of my skin color and that’s what I love the most about myself. I want to inspire people to embrace and love their dark skin. 

On ordinary days I prefer a boxer that matches my shirt and on special occasions CK boxer.


 Superpowers and superheroes 

I would like to have the gift of flight, so I can get to my destination faster.

My favorite superheroes aren’t really superheroes, but ordinary people with superpowers, are the Charmed ones. They have powers to help make the world a better place. 




Singers and food 

John Legend and I have a lot of house-music on my iPod. 

Antrua, A vegetable from Suriname. 

Guilty pleasure 

Listening to music and dancing. 

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Earliest childhood´s nckname 

Adje, Adie 

Yourself in 10 years 

I see myself as a renowned international model in 10 years’ time, returning to Suriname to help the upcoming new models get the opportunity I once was given 

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If you weren´t a model, you´d be…. 

 I would like be to an event manager.

 An unforgettable moment

 I will never forget the photo-shoot I did with a snake; it was one of my most challenging photo-shoots. Although it was really dark and the snake was crawling all over me, I kept in mind I had come up with the concept myself and was working with an excellent team. I really had fun doing that shoot, but I was also very happy to jump under the shower as soon as we were done. 

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What’s next for Adelio Boldewijn?

Well… A lot of training and research to prepare myself for ‘fashion fest by MAFB’, which takes place in November in Amsterdam. I recently got chosen by the judges to represent Suriname in this international contest .

Other than that I will once again grace the catwalk on Suriname Fashion Week 2014.


I’m not represented by an agent at the moment.  I’ve been a freelance model since I quit at perfect in style.

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Every Accomplishment starts with the decision to try. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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