Adam Watt: “I love it when a photographer doesn’t make you feel rushed and when they create a relaxed and cool atmosphere”

27 ago, 2016


Good to be here! I am from a town called Orpington which is in the south east of London. Its pretty quiet and old school compared to the buzz of central London, but its close enough for me to be in the city centre in around 30 mins.


Growing up in England the natural progression of an interest in football plays a large part of my life, I played for around 10 years and still like to get involved however I can. I also sing in a band which is a lot of fun, music is quite a source of inspiration for me in day to day life and my personal style.




Modeling: how did all begin

I had the standard ‘discovery’. I was shopping in Oxford St when I was about 18 and noticed a guy following me around the shop. Eventually he confronted me and handed me a business card and told me he was a scouter based in Milan. I was skeptical at first but after a few months of contact and organization I flew out to Milan to sign my first contract with Independent Men, who are still my mother agency today!


By far the best thing for me about modeling is the opportunity to travel in a unique way, and sharing the experience with models from all around the world who are striving for the same goals. The blend of cultures is amazing.


I think the market for black models could always be better, a lot of my closest friends who are making big waves in the industry are black so I hope it´s on the way up!


Posing to Photographers:building a vibe

I love it when a photographer doesn’t make you feel rushed and when they create a relaxed and cool atmosphere. At some shoots before we begin,  the photographer will play music and just chat with me for a bit and discuss ideas for what he wants to create or even go for lunch/coffee.




That´s what I like, when the photographer builds a vibe or relationship with me throughout the shoot – the more comfortable the model feels the better the shots will come out.

My only real preparation for shoots (particularly early ones) is coffeeeeeee. Over time I gradually became perfectly comfortable being naked in front of the camera, I think you have to be. As long as its artistic or a cool idea then nudity can be pretty striking.


I remember once I was living with a photographer and he called me one day asking if I could step in last minute and help him with a shoot. When I arrived  I was then informed it would be a nude shoot and I was introduced to a naked guy and a naked girl. Obviously I was pretty surprised! But we got through it and its funny the bond you make with people when your  lying around naked on top of each other haha.




The runway shows

Catwalks are probably my favorite type of job concerning modeling, I performed in theaters growing up as I was in acting school and catwalks always bring that same sense of exhilaration before you step out on the runway.

I`ve worked for a lot of designers now during the last few years, in Milan mainly Diesel and I walked for Vivienne Westwood. I remember in NYC I was walking for a brand during women’s fashion week that was sponsored by Monster energy drink, during the few hours waiting around before we started a friend and I got pretty carried away with all the free energy drinks. By the time it was catwalk time I felt like I could have sprinted down the runway haha.




Normally my mind is pretty void when I walking, the only thing I ever think of is if I am walking correctly and how funny it is that I am focusing so hard on such an easy task like walking.

 Some models do talk a lot of crap, the dumbest for me are the ones who really try hard to tell everyone around them what an ‘amazing model’ they are and how much work they have. It is a competitive industry but I like to take it all a bit more relaxed than that.


 Male models x Female models

 I think women still dominate the industry, not as much as before but the actual financial side of the modeling world generates a lot more for female models. Its understandable and its nice to see women empowered through their work, as long as they aren’t exploited.


I`m constantly inspired by seeing other models with style ideas that I can draw from and also seeing guys who are really smashing it in the industry, living healthy and reaping the benefits.

Adam´s style: a fashionista?

I do enjoy my clothes, but I haven’t quite been drawn into the big name brands yet. I prefer shades and layers to create a look. Especially in London there´s still a nice punky and 60s rock influence that you can take from living here. Cant go wrong with a nice leather jacket.



My style is probably a mix between street and retro. I like combining sport trainers with old school 60s style outfits. Other times I’m lazy and just throw anything on to create a “trashy” look as I like to call it – suits aren’t really for me.

 Imagine u a famous model surrounded by a huge crowd!

I think I’m still pretty far from being noticed haha, but if I ever got to that level I think I would just enjoy it and party with them. Its always a little awkward meeting new people and explaining to them what you do because you don’t want to seem like an arrogant zoolander reject, luckily most people are just interested about the lifestyle and ask questions.


On show biz

Who doesn’t like the idea of being in show business, it´s has its similarities to the modeling world and I speak to a lot of models who are trying to break into it. I feel as though show business is the tough older brother and the modeling industry is the sweet looking younger one.


If I could have a superpower I think it would be teleportation, all the traveling in the world whenever you want! And also I could rob banks haha.


Having fun, enjoying life

 When I´m home my way to have fun is to just explore London, I still love walking down its streets, frequenting its dingy bars and visiting the historic buildings littered around. I also love singing, its such a freeing experience to express yourself through music and just getting lost in the moment.

I had a pretty crazy experience in Milan one season late at night when me and my roommate decided to climb a crane whilst walking home from a club. After evading security and a few hundred feet of ladder climbing we relaxed at the top and watched the sunrise.


Music and guilty pleasure

 In terms of music my taste goes through waves. When I was growing up the genre of Grime was really popular between my friends and so Ill always have an interest in it, but mainly I like to listen to rock and punk.

The beautiful thing about music is the amount of artists that you can fall in love with, all bringing their own flavors of sound and writing to your ears.

My guilty pleasure has got to be Pizza, its so bad but so good its my go to food in times of need!


If u weren´t a model;….  I would probably have just finished university, I was supposed to go when I turned 19 but as soon as I was scouted I bailed on it.

  Yourself in 10 years

I see myself owning a small business.  I´m putting small plans in action at the moment but I am taking my time in preparing for it. Even if it isn’t as ‘glamorous’ as the modeling life the idea of working for myself and my passions is attractive for me.


Next chapters

 I have a few shoots in the to organize around London, but I am actually planning to finally study and so I want to take a short break before next summer and then hopefully return to NYC!

Motto: make love not castings!

Adam George Watt


shoe size: 44


 height: 188cm weight: 72kg

Mother agency: Independent Men 

Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor



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