Photographer Adam Kozik: “My influence in photography comes from a lot of old Hollywood film, and fashion from the 40′s, and the leading men at the time”

28 dez, 2010

Thank you, it’s good to be here.  I grew up in the suburbs outside of Chicago, Illinois. I was enrolled in art classes at the American Academy and studied painting and drawing. After I moved to New York a short time after, photography became the medium to express what I saw. At first I was shooting portraiture. I moved to Paris for six months and found the biggest influence there because people are so free.

Fashion photography happened later when I approached a few of the bigger high fashion agencies, and started to  test shoot models on their Men’s Board. My influence in photography comes from a lot of old Hollywood film, and fashion from the 40′s, and the leading men at the time.

The digital era: more accessible to people

I think photography today is more accessible to people today because of digital cameras. I’ve worked with both film and digital. Digital film is practical and if you’re producing a lot of it as I am, find it’s the way to go.
The digital darkroom of working in Lightroom or Photoshop is the same as a film dark room. There’s still the techniques to reproduce a nice print, but with digital work it starts from a good software.

Crisis on fashion photography?

I think that working with many the people and agencies that I do will continue to move forward, and point the way. There’s still going to be a fantasy element about fashion photography but at the same time, there’s also a more practical approach to what fashion is about, and making it available for everyone.

Capturing a perfect moment

Well, I think what you’re asking about is how the perfect photograph is made. There’s two things that come to mind when I think about this. The first is that I work with so many handsome and true men, and they want the world to see how great they are. Being a photographer, my position is about service in this regard; giving these models the means to be seen. The second, which is more about technique, is more about how I see the frame, and showing the viewer how I see the story being told.


Working with the models: a cool partnership and the unusual backstages moments

Fantastic. I’m very satisfied knowing that a quality I see in them at an early stage is what you could call “star quality”, so it feels great to see them go on to have successful careers. 

Well, in this line of work you really have to be prepared for anything. So if it’s raining out and we plan to shoot outdoors, then we all get wet and make the best out of it. Sometimes there’s a wardrobe malfunction and we make jokes and laugh at it. All of it is about working with a main idea and letting the spontaneity of things happen.


Top cool places for a shooting

I’m a New Yorker and still love to shoot in the city and around my apartment. I’d love to eventually go to more exotic locations and see the film I can produce there.


Pete Miller leaning back with the sun setting over him.  Amazing.

The Projects

Fashion and commercial photography is what I’m working on right now. My first editorial was just published this past Summer in ReFresh Magazine with Uvenio Menswear. I’m seeing a lot more models these days who have solid work behind them; either coming in from Milan and who are featured in big campaigns. It’s still a thrill to find a new face who hasn’t been seen a lot and then in six months time to see his face in Uomo or doing a campaign.

Everyday is a joy and holds a certain amazement because every model is so different in their own unique way. I’m grateful to be here and be part of it. And, I’m collaborating with some designers and working on a few very different but exciting stay tuned!


Motto: “I create my reality”
When you´ll come to my world? I’d love to! Know of anyone looking to book a fashion photographer?

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