Photographer Achim Harding: “When i feel that I have captured the perfect picture is when everything comes out exactly how I imagined”

24 out, 2015


My name is Achim Harding. I am a freelance photographer in the New York City area. I now reside in the borough of Brooklyn. I started photography right out of high school. Throughout college, I experimented with different types of photography to figure out what was my niche.




 Now I try to focus more on the fashion industry. My style is very natural. I try to use natural light as much as I can with the help of reflectors when needed. I would say my peers are my influence. i meet a lot of photographers from all over the world, so I try to learn one or two things from how they do things.

The digital era helping the photographers with quality and technology

Well,  I was born during the start of the photoshop era, so it is hard to compare the era before this. There is no doubt that the digital has helped us photographers with quality and technology.

I just think that most of the newer photographers will be missing out if they do not learn the fundamentals of photography, before the technology advancements made it as easy as a click of a button.

Achim´s special moments and working with the models




When i feel that I have captured the perfect picture is when everything comes out exactly how I imagined. When I gather up a team and models, it is hard to get everyone on the same page. Some models cancel last minute. Some key team members do not even show up at all. For me, a perfect image is when I still complete the look I was hoping for despite those factors.

Working with models and the funny/unusual backstages´ moments

Being in New York City, many of the models I work with have no prior industry experience before shooting with me. I remember a model who got off the plane, and 12 hours later was on set with me in Brooklyn. Did not know where anything was. Now he is at one of the top agencies in New York. It does feel good to see some of our first shots on his comp card.

The only funny things that happen with photographers backstage are battling all the other photographers for the same shot. I have seen some heated arguments in between some photographers for getting in the way of the others shot.





Top 5 cool places for a shooting and why u like them 

Times Square, Coney Island, Fort Tryon Park (Uptown Manhattan), Inside the subday station, The streets of Soho  

These 5 locations are what makes New York City so great. This city offers so many different locations that photographers can use. Most of the images I have produced were in these locations. One day i could be shooting on the beach, then hop on the train and be on a busy street in Times Square.


I don’t have an image. can you delete this question? lol

 Superpowers and Super heroes

 My superpower would be flying, so I could save money on airplane tickets. My favorite super hero as a kid was Captain Planet. Most people out of the US do not really know who that superhero is, but I remember I was obsessed with this hero.




Nickname in school

 One of my nicknames in school was “KEEM” because most people could not spell or pronounce Achim (like Aquim for portuguese speakers).

An unforgettable moment

When I got to travel to Toronto for fashion week. It was then I realized how far I’ve come. From starting in high school taking pictures of friends, to flying to another country that I was unfamiliar with to shoot fashion.

Yourself in 10 years 

It  is very scary! 10 years ago I could not of imagined to be shooting models in New York City. If you were to tell me this is what I would be doing at my current age, I would have said you are crazy. I think in 10 years I will continue to travel working with clients from all over the world. My dream is to travel and see more of the world, while doing photography.







The Projects

Right now I am focused on shooting some fall fashions for magazine editorial submissions. I have been working with some great models in both New York and Miami. Some ended up being good friends with me after our shoots.

My upcoming projects will be to shoot more fashion week events around the world. So far I have only been to fashion weeks in North America, so I look forward to expanding to other continents.

 And when you´ll come to my world?

I intend to go to Brazil very soon! I would love to shoot some Brazilian fashion. I would like to know the city of São Paulo as I was told it is the fashion capital of South America. I have made some connections with a few people in the industry who have traveled to the US, so hopefully I get to travel down there soon to create great images with the great people I have met from there so far.


Contact info: Achim Harding photography

 Interview by Ed, the Brazilian editor